Adora Dolls 18 inch Doll

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Adora Dolls 18 inch doll are under the doll line named Amazing Girls. Amazing Girls by Adora dolls are exclusively sold through

 This fun new collection of 18” play dolls from award-winning Adora originally featured five sweet girls – there’s Ava, Zoe, Emma, Harper, and Jada – each with her own unique style and personality and each sure to become your little girls new favorite friend. 

Every year a new doll is added and now the line has now grown to over thirteen dolls with more dolls continuously added.  Today I’ve included pictures of the original doll line. 

Characteristics of Adora Doll 18 inches

Amazing Girl dolls are Hypoallergenic, Non Toxic, BPA Free, Safety Tested and Made with Love. 

  • 18” vinyl doll with soft, huggable body and a chest plate for unlimited play
  • Head, arms, legs all move for multiple poses
  • Ready-to-style high quality rooted hair great for hours of play
  • Fun trendy changeable outfit that fits most 18” dolls
  • Open/Close eyes that “blink”
  • Recommended for children ages six and over
  • Her head moves independently so she can turn her head in any direction

Pros of Adora Dolls 18 inch Dolls

  • Most clothing lines will fit with all the Amazing Girls, American Girl Dolls, Journey Girls, and all other 18-inch dolls so you can combine different clothing pieces with all of your dolls!
  • They are less expensive than a few brands in the 18 inch doll market such as American Girl Dolls
  • They are easily kept clean with just wiping off the vinyl with a damp cloth

Cons of Adora Dolls 18 inch Dolls

  • A few quality control issues have been mentioned such as making sure the dolls arms and legs are attached very well have been reported
  • Their hair isn’t as high of quality as some would like, it’s made out of nylon instead of the pricey mohair
  • They do not come with a brush or comb for their hair

Adora Dolls 18 inch doll - Amazing Girl Emma

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Emma loves adventure and is always encouraging her friends to join in the fun. She’s a talented singer and dancer and dreams of becoming a pop star one day. If you asked her what her favorite color is – she would say: all of them! Her friends love her fun and inspiring personality – and so will you!

Adora Dolls 18 inch doll - Amazing Girl Harper

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Harper’s a go-getter with a winning smile and a love of tutus of all colors. A natural leader, she likes to read and spend time with her friends. They all think she’s the most stylish and friendly girl they know! You’re sure to love Harper, too!

Adora Dolls 18 inch doll - Amazing Girl Ava

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She’s an eternal optimist who puts her heart and soul into everything she does. Her favorite class is science – where she’s learning about the earth and stars – she even dreams of becoming an astronaut. Her friends love her adventurous style and kind heart – and so will you!

Adora Dolls 18 inch doll - Amazing Girl Zoe

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Cool Cat Zoe is creative, passionate and curious about everything. Her favorite colors are pink and purple and her favorite class in school is art class. She loves to draw, especially cartoons and is learning how to draw on her computer. Her friends love her creative and quirky style and so will you!

Adora Dolls 18 inch doll - Amazing Girl Jada

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Jada always looks stylish, and her pretty top with layers of eyelet ruffles is just her fashion sense. With her comfy leggings, matching purse and colorful friendship bracelet, she’s ready to hit the town – or try out a new recipe! Her outfit is washable and can be worn by all of the Amazing Girls dolls.

Where are the Adora Amazing Girls Made?

They are manufactured and made in China. 

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