Adora Realistic Baby Dolls -Little Prince Review 2021

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Adora realistic baby dolls is among the more popular doll brands for parents desiring a lifelike doll.  Their popularity is likely due to the fact that Adora makes their dolls for children one years of age and older while other manufacturers of realistic dolls recommend ages of three years of age and older. 

This doll maker gets brownie points for catering to the younger age groups! The Adora company began producing dolls in 2000 and now has 21 years of experience in making artistic dolls.

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Adora Little Prince – Realistic Baby Dolls.  This little prince is 13 inches in height and weighs almost a pound. 

Features of Adora Realistic Baby Dolls

Adora Little Prince doll includes a somewhat advanced design, with a bean-bag bottom that assists him sit upright rather than toppling over– nice for tea ceremony or more creative play. His hands are each articulated differently. The right hand has an extended thumb, which can be positioned in his mouth, while the left hand includes a slightly extended index finger.

The dolls are readily available in various skin tones, genders, and clothing, however the Little Prince comes dressed in a removable green, yellow, and blue-striped onesie with a smiling frog embroidered on the chest. He wears a detachable blue hat with white lining and a string loop that goes around the doll’s neck, so if the head cover comes off unintentionally, it will not get lost. The onesie just has a single hook-and-loop closure, but for the size of the opening, 2 would be more appropriate.

The brand calls this doll’s skin tone “fair,” however the Little Prince has a darker skin tone than the common rosy peach I see on many other dolls, along with darker hair on his head. The mouth is slightly open so kids can feed the infant with the included soft plastic bottle.

Open-and-close eyes include well-painted brown irises that bring the doll to life. Those eyes are framed with both painted and nylon lashes as well as defined eyebrows. When the eyes snap open and close, there is an audible “click” that could be found a bit scary for kids. 

Adora utilizes what it calls GentleTouch vinyl for the head arms and legs, which are soft to the touch. The body is comprised of smooth polyester material, which the brand name credits for the toy’s cuddly feel. 

The doll is hypoallergenic, BPA- and phthalate-free, and compliant with the requirements set by the Customer Product Safety Enhancement Act (CPSIA) and the Customer Product Security Commission (CPSC). 

He’s also  machine-washable and has a lovely baby powder scent to him. 

Pros of Adora Realistic Baby Dolls

The doll is very easy to keep clean as both baby and its’ clothes are machine washable and they both show little wear and tear over time.  His vinyl exterior is made with BPA and phthalate-free materials. And of course, his cuddliness, who does like to snuggle with their dolls?  The bean bag like soft body makes him ideal of this. 

Cons of Adora Realistic Baby Dolls

While very minimal is it worth noting the clicking sound of the eyes opening and closing, not all kids would appreciate this feature in their doll.  The onesie might be a struggle for kids at the one year age mark, would probably need an adult figure to help them with redressing baby. 

Where are Adora dolls made?

Adora dolls are manufactured in factories around China. 

Adora Baby Doll Accessories

Adora also sells separate baby clothing items for it’s 13 inch doll line. Check out some examples of their clothes below!

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