Baby Alive Glo Pixies Review 2022 | Fun, Magical Glow Creatures!

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If you’re like me, then you probably love anything and everything that’s glittery and sparkly. So when I heard about the Baby Alive Glo Pixies, I knew I had to get my hands on them! These little dolls are just too cute not to have. In this review, I’ll give you all the details on what makes these dolls so special. Spoiler alert: They light up and glow in the dark! Keep reading to find out more.

When did Baby Alive Glo Pixies come out?

Baby Alive Glo Pixies are a popular toy for young kids. These magical creatures come to life when you place them in front of a camera or smartphone. Baby Alive Glo Pixies were first released in 2020, and they quickly became a hit with kids of all ages. Since then, Baby Alive Glo Pixies have evolved, and there are now different colored pixies to collect. The Baby Alive Glo Pixies app also offers an Augmented Reality experience, which allows children to interact with their pixies in a whole new way. If you’re looking for a fun and interactive toy for children, Baby Alive Glo Pixies are a great option.

Baby Alive Glo Pixies

How many Baby Alive Go Pixies are there?

There are five different Baby Alive Glo Pixies dolls to collect, each with its own unique color and light-up design. Baby Alive Glo Pixies are designed for children ages three and up. The dolls are approximately 12 inches tall and come with a brush, comb, and two Glo Pixies outfits. Additionally, each doll comes with a Glo Pods light-up hive that can be used to store the Glo Pixies outfits and accessories. The Baby Alive Glo Pixies are sure to be a hit with any child who loves dolls. With their soft bodies, they are perfect for cuddling. 

Current dolls in the line:

There are also four different Baby Alive Glo Pixies Minis as well in this collection.

Pro's of the Go Pixies

  • They glow more when you pretend to feed her. When play feeding, this interactive Baby Alive pixie toy lights up in different places — from her mouth to her wings, to her tummy!
  • They can be used as a nightlight or comfortable cuddle buddy when trying to get children to bed. 
  • They are a version of Baby Alive that doesn’t require real liquids, diapers, play food, or additional accessories. Once you have bought this doll you are done unless you want to add other dolls to the collection. 
  • The doll noises shut off after a minute so the sounds don’t get annoying for parents or other siblings.

Con's of the Go Pixies

  • The dolls aren’t as bendable as they could be due to the doll’s wiring running through its body to help it light up. 
  • This doll requires double-A batteries – depending on the usage of the doll they might need to be changed frequently. 
  • The eyes on this doll do not close and open like the others.
  • The doll has no off or on switch. There is also no volume control.

Who makes the Baby Alive dolls?

Baby Alive is a toy doll brand created by Hasbro. The dolls drink and wet, eat and go to the bathroom. Baby Alive dolls were first introduced in 1978. As of 2019, there are over 50 Baby Alive dolls available. Baby Alive Hasbro is the current manufacturer of Baby Alive dolls. Baby Alive Dolls have been manufactured by various companies over the years including Kenner Products, Galoob, Mattel, and now Hasbro. Baby Alive was originally created by an American company called Kenner Products, which was later acquired by Hasbro in 1991.

Glo Pixies YouTube Channel

The Baby Alive Glo Pixies YouTube channel is a must-see for any fan of the popular baby doll line. The channel features a variety of videos that showcase the different features of the Glo Pixies dolls. In addition, the channel also includes a number of entertaining and educational videos that teach kids about taking care of their dolls. Whether you’re looking for tips on how to style your doll’s hair or want to learn more about their special powers, the Baby Alive Glo Pixies YouTube channel is a great resource. Plus, the channel is regularly updated with new videos, so there’s always something new to watch. So check it out today and see what all the hype is about!

Do you have a little one at home who would love to adopt their very own Glo Pixie? These adorable new additions to the Baby Alive family are sure to be a big hit this holiday season. With realistic features and interactive play, they provide hours of imaginative fun for children of all ages. What do you think of baby alive dolls? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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