Best Baby Dolls That Look Real! 2021

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With so many options which baby doll is right for you?

Looking for baby dolls that look real? There are a variety of lifelike dolls on the market today! The two main realistic baby dolls are called Reborn or silicone baby dolls.  These dolls are made typically out of vinyl, silicone or a combination of the two. 

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With so many options how do you know which baby doll would be right for you? Ask yourself the short list of questions below to help you determine what your best baby doll fit will be. 

First, lets talk about the cost, are you on a limited budget?  If so, vinyl dolls will probably be your best option as silicone dolls tend to be more costly. 

Second, durability, is the doll going to be treated like a real baby? If so, silicone is the most realistic feeling baby but it’s not nearly as durable as a vinyl doll. If the baby is intended for a younger child silicone is not suggested. These dolls tear easily, especially in the “joints” of the doll. 

And thirdly, maintenance, do you want to bathe the doll like a real baby? If so, silicone is the baby for you. These dolls need to be bathed regularly as they can become sticky over time. They also will need to be baby powdered weekly to help cut down on stickiness between bath time. Whereas vinyl dolls you would just wipe clean with a damp cloth. Most vinyl dolls tend to have cloth bodies as well so it’s not recommended to bath them. 

What are vinyl baby dolls? For Baby Dolls that look real, vinyl is the most realistic.

Vinyl baby dolls are babies made out of a vinyl material. Vinyl has been the ideal material choice for dolls as it is soft, durable and has a baby-smooth feel. It’s also ideal as vinyl is able to show the small details such as wrinkles, lines and chubby rolls. These dolls are considered the more realistic choice in the looks department than silicone dolls. They are also more cost effective as vinyl is much less expensive than silicone.

What are silicone baby dolls?- Baby Dolls that look real, silicone feels the most realistic.

Dolls that look real

Silicone baby dolls are babies made out of silicone. Silicone is an ideal material choice for doll makers as these dolls feel and act more real. They are very gel like and squishy to the touch and are not poseable or able to sit up on their own. You actually need to support the neck of the dolls very much like a real baby. 

The down side of these dolls are that they aren’t as realistic in looks as vinyl dolls. The paint typically used in vinyl dolls to make them more realistic isn’t able to be used as it has a harder time sticking the silicone. 

History of baby dolls! Dolls made out of rubber?

How to wash synthetic doll hair

Dolls have been around since the dawn of time, the earliest recorded doll in history were found in Egyptian tombs dating back as early as the 21st century BC! These dolls were made out of clay, stone, wood, bone and ivory.  

It wasn’t until the 20th century and the invention of polymer and and plastic materials the mass production of baby dolls became feasible. With these inventions in the mid – 20th century soft vinyl became the more ideal material and has been evolving over time with the dolls themselves. Find the complete history of how dolls are made at by clicking on the link.

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