Baby’s First Kisses – In Depth Baby Doll Review 2022

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Your little one has become as close as your shadow. When you wave, she waves. When you laugh, she laughs. When you cry, she hugs you the way you used to hug her during teary evenings of interrupted sleep, wanting to make everything better. She wants to be exactly like you.

While this is flattering, it can be exhausting. Sometimes, you need a little room to breathe. How can you continue to encourage the respect she has for you without hurting her feelings or shutting her down when you need space? What can you do to give yourself space while still fostering these nurturing and empathetic impulses?

It’s time. She’s old enough to walk, talk, carry things, and understand human empathy. Your little one needs a baby doll. Buying her this toy will let her take care of her very own baby—just like mommy takes care of her!

With so many dolls on the market, it can be overwhelming to compare them all. That’s why we’ve looked into some options for you and chosen this one for a thorough review. Let me introduce you to Baby’s First Kisses doll.

Baby’s First Kisses Baby Doll

This doll is made by the Goldberger company. They’ve been in business for over 100 years, so they’ve had time to learn what children love and perfect their products. They’ve been tested and approved by generations of parents who have gone through exactly what you’re experiencing now.

Goldberger has looked into some of the major parenting anxieties. How do you help a child who is afraid of the dark? What will make potty training easier? The Baby’s First line was developed to answer a lot of these questions. In fact, a lot of early childhood psychologists recommend Baby’s First line of dolls as aids in potty training and teaching manners.

Who Is This Product For?

The Baby’s First Kisses doll is designed for use by children aged 12 months and up. Around two years of age, children begin displaying signs of empathy on their own. These signs can be hugging a crying friend, sharing a toy, or mimicking the actions of respected adults. Don’t take these for granted.

Reinforcing empathetic tendencies is crucial for growing children. You can begin encouraging empathetic behavior even before they learn this on their own by using this doll.

The Baby’s First Kisses doll is great for hugging and kissing. It teaches children how to show physical affection and be concerned with the needs of others subconsciously before they begin to understand these concepts.

This doll is excellent for parents who want a teaching tool. “Baby is upset because you pushed her off the swing. Please help her feel better by asking if she is okay, bandaging her scrapes, and letting her have a turn on the swing with you.” Gentle coaching can show your child how to play with other children by teaching them to interact with this doll as though she is a peer.

What’s Included?

The package should be opened by an adult. This doll comes fully dressed in a pink and blue outfit that features hearts and stripes. It also comes with a removable kissing mechanism, which, when removed, makes her ready for bath time.

Overview of the Features

This doll is adorable. She comes dressed in a bright pink shirt and bonnet with bright pink shoes. Her little pants are brightly colored with a matching little hairbow. A soft tuft of hair shows from underneath the bonnet. She has sparkly, bright eyes and glossy pink lips.

This baby doll is hypoallergenic and machine-washable. Just remember to pull the noisemaking kiss mechanism out of the smart pocket before tossing her into the washing machine. She comes with Goldberger’s no-questions-asked lifetime guarantee as well.

How to Use

This doll is easy to use and durable. Hand her to your child and let the cuddle fest begin! When she is cuddled, she offers little kisses, which is achieved via a mechanism in a hidden pocket. This mechanism makes kissing noises that will be sure to delight your children.

 When you need to wash her (or want some sanity from overused sound effects), simply slip the sound mechanism out of the hidden pocket. You can then toss this doll into the washing machine.

Alternative Kissing Baby Dolls

Celebrate Disney’s most classic couple, Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, with this adorable Kissing Plush Set.

These adorably plush toys are sure to bring a smile to your face, with Mickey and Minnie Mouse sharing a sweet kiss. Just press Minnie’s face gently against Mickey’s cheek and she’ll plant a big smooch right on him.

These cuddly characters are made from soft, high-quality materials and are Surface-washable for easy care. They’re also the perfect size for hugging and cuddling, making them ideal for both kids and adults. So whether you’re looking for a fun gift for a special someone or just want to add some magic to your own.

Each Mickey and Minnie plush stand 12” tall and are made with soft fabrics that are perfect for both cuddles and play. Minnie Mouse is dressed in her 1930s blue polka dot skirt with yellow shoes and a red hat. Mickey is dressed in his classic red shorts and yellow shoes. He even has a kiss mark on his cheek.

Alternative Dolls

For other great teaching tools, consider the rest of Baby’s First line of dolls. They have one called Molly Manners, who sings a song about manners every time she gets hugged. This doll teaches patience and using please and thank you. She teaches children not to interrupt and wait their turn.

The Go Baby dolls will help with potty training. They come with their own miniature learner potty and address potty training skills and needs. These features make playtime a communal experience that your little one can learn from alongside their little friend.


While you cook and clean, you can occupy your energetic little child by having her bring along her own baby to rock, cuddle, nurture, and sing to sleep.

 Bringing a Baby’s First Kisses doll into the home is a great way to keep children occupied and entertained, while also providing them with an educational opportunity. These dolls are soft, cuddly, and perfect for little ones who love to rock and sing to their baby dolls. If you want to introduce your child to the joys of caring for others, a Baby’s First Kisses doll is the perfect toy.

What are some of your favorite ways to keep kids busy?

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