What are Barbie Fashionistas? Modern Barbie’s 2021

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Barbie Fashionistas was created by Mattel in 2009! Since then the Barbie Fashionistas list has grown significantly thanks to it’s high popularity. 

The original release started out with just seven dolls, six females and one male.  The females were named Wild, Cutie, Glam, Sassy, Artsy, and Girly.

The male was named Hottie but has seen been renamed Cutie due to controversy surrounding the original name. Critics suggested it was too sexually explicit for the doll line. 

What makes this line so popular and unique from the original Barbie? The bendable joints on their then new bodies as pictured below!


Barbie Fashionistas

How many Barbie Fashionistas are there?

As of December 2021 there are 176 Barbie Fashionistas dolls!

What are the 9 Barbie Fashionista Types?




4)Original with Red Hair

5)Original with White Afro

6)Original with Purple Glittery Hair

7)Original with Blonde Hair Straight Hair

8)Original with Black Hair

9)Original African American 

What are Barbie's dimensions?

Barbie is approximately 11.5 inches tall giving her an estimated height of a 5’9 inches tall if she were a real woman. Estimated bust is 36 inches around, an 18 inch waist, and 33 inches around the widest part of her hips.  

Barbie Fashionistas New 2020 Review

Barbie New Fashionistas for 2021

Barbie Fashionistas is extending the in 2021 with six new dolls, 5 female and 1 one male. These will include the newer tall, curvy and petite dolls. They will continue with new afro’s, disabilities and dimples!

Barbie's Family Line

Did you know Barbie has a family tree in the toy line?

Barbie’s two parents are George and Margaret Roberts. 

Then she goes on to have four aunts and one uncle.

Seven siblings, four cousins, and lots of friends!

Who are Barbie's 7 siblings?

Barbie has 5 sisters:

Skipper, Stacie, Chelsea, Krissy, Kelly and Tutti.  Though Tutti was replaced with Stacie in 1971.

Barbie has 1 brother which is Todd. Tutti and then Stacie was Todd’s twin!

Interested in what Barbie's hair is made out of?

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