Best Baby Doll for 1 Year Olds 2022: Complete Reviews with Comparisons

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Baby dolls are a classic gift for young girls, and in some cases, even young boys. In fact, giving a baby doll to a young child is a very traditional gift for a first birthday or other celebrations. Today we are going to be recommending some of the best baby dolls for 1-year-olds!

The world of dolls may be small, but there are many different types from which to choose. From the iconic Shirley Temple doll with her dimpled cherub face and red hair rolled into a braid down her back, to movie-themed babies like Toy Story’s Woody or Gir from The Incredibles – each one is guaranteed to delight any child on their birthday.

However, with so many dolls available on the market, it can be a bit tough to find the perfect doll that would suit your specific preferences. Lucky for you, we were more than glad to do all the hard work.

Read on for all our recommendations!

Best Baby Doll for 1-Year-Olds Reviews

1. Manhattan Toy Baby Stella Peach


The first doll on our list is Baby Stella Peach from Manhattan Toy. This is a soft, plush baby doll that is perfect for the little hands of a one-year-old baby. It is designed with the cutest little facial features and silky soft hair.

Baby Stella from Manhattan Toy is a soft and cuddly toy that kids can’t wait to hug. She has the cutest little face with big, brown eyes that make her irresistible! Her head turns easily so she also serves as an interactive doll who responds when you talk or sing to her in baby talk. Made of organic cotton, tiny polyester filling for extra fluffiness and durability which means your child will have years of playtime before they outgrow this adorable plush friend!

If you’re looking for a lifelike baby doll that your child can play with, look no further than Baby Stella. She has embroidered toes and a belly button, and her clothing and diaper are removable. Plus, she comes with a magnetic pacifier to keep her happy.


This Baby Stella from Manhattan Toy is a wonderful choice for any young child. It is soft and cuddly, and with a huge amount of available accessories, you can always add to the doll as the months and years go by.

Soft dolls like Baby Stella are perfect for young children, and they love to cuddle and hug them. Since this doll doesn’t have any sharp parts either, you won’t have to worry about the child hurting themselves with her.

Since Baby Stella has body parts like toes and a belly button, she can also be used to teach young children about their bodies. You can also surface-wash Baby Stella, but the company does not recommend a full machine wash.


  • Magnetic pacifier sticks securely to the doll
  • Many additional optional accessories to choose from
  • Soft and cuddly, so it won’t harm the child


  • A magnet for the pacifier is not secured
  • A bit more expensive than other dolls
  • Surface-wash only, not machine washable

2. Dolls to Play Baby Doll


This baby doll from the Dolls to Play brand is a soft doll that has a lot of detail, including toes, fingers, facial features, and more. It also includes a bib, a baby outfit, and a milk bottle that has disappearing magic milk.

This little doll is one of the newest additions to Dolls To Play’s line-up, and it will be sure to delight all babies who love dolls. The baby has a sweet face with rosy cheeks that match her pink polka-dotted dress.

This new addition from DTP Toys features an adorable pudgy body for hours of cuddling fun! She comes in a beautiful pink gown adorned with vertical stripes on the shirt–the perfect outfit for any newborn girl at home or out shopping sprees around town! With the adorable hat on her head, she’ll have everyone singing praise to this gorgeous beauty every time they see her near them no matter what their age may be!

This is a good doll for a one-year-old child as it has a soft and cuddly body that is perfect for hugging. It also helps to encourage the child to develop social skills and both nurture and care for the baby. Since this is from the Dolls to Play brand, you can also choose from other optional accessories.


Little kids will love this baby doll. She is adorable and comes with a lovely pink outfit featuring a cupcake, and she has facial features that look very realistic. She also has removable clothing that is washable, and she comes with her own bottle and bib.

This baby doll stands about a foot tall, which is the ideal size for young children to hug and cuddle. Her body is weighted, and she sits in a perfect pose. This doll is made of vinyl, which makes her very easy to clean, and she is soft and gentle to the touch, which is a great thing for little hands.


  • Encourages gentle play and care of others
  • Soft vinyl body
  • Accessories are all washable
  • Good size for young children


  • Outfits may vary
  • Doll eyes are not secure in the head
  • Accessories are removable, which means they could easily get lost

3. Baby’s First Kisses Baby Doll – Best Baby Doll for 1 year olds


The Baby’s First Kisses Baby Doll comes from the Goldberger Company, one of the oldest and most trusted doll companies in the country. This particular baby doll is 13-inches tall and is easy to carry, hold, and hug.

One of the most beloved children’s toys, The Baby’s First Kisses Baby Doll is a treasured and nostalgic plaything for many adults. It makes an excellent gift to give any child.

When Goldberger Company first produced this toy in 1922, it was made with cotton fabric stuffed inside its limbs so that they would move when babies squeezed them tight — not just features like cloth eyes embroidered hair on which infants can practice holding onto while learning how to walk without falling over; but also alluring parts such as warm breath emanating from its mouth!

When her stomach is squeezed, she puckers up and is ready for a smooch, which young kids will absolutely love. This also encourages the child to use their senses of sound, sight, and touch.


When looking at the Baby’s First Kisses doll, you will immediately see how adorable she is with her pursed lips and arms open ready for a hug. Children love giving affection like hugs and kisses, so this doll will do that for them.

Baby’s First Kisses is a doll that is easy to clean and care for, and it is not only hypoallergenic, but it is also machine-washable. However, you must remove the “kissing” mechanism before putting it into the washing machine.

Since this is from Goldberger, it comes with a full lifetime guarantee, as do all of its products.


  • Lovely to hold and cuddle
  • Easy to clean in a washing machine
  • Available in both Caucasian and African American designs


  • Some dolls arrive with dead batteries
  • Clothing is not removable
  • No available accessories

4. HABA Snug-Up Dolly Luisa  


Luisa is an eight-inch cuddly doll from HABA. She comes with adorable pink pajamas and a super cute hat, which are both sewn onto the plush doll. She has a nose, mouth, and eyes that are all printed onto the fleece, which is a good option for young children who like to chew. This way, no pieces or parts can fall off and become a choking hazard.

This doll helps to encourage emotional and social development for children and also brings a sense of comfort and security. She is machine-washable and a perfect option for people looking for a doll for young children.


When you need a gift for a one-year-old child in the form of a baby doll, Luisa is a wonderful choice. She is very soft and doesn’t have any removable parts, which is ideal for these young children. Her face is printed onto the fabric, too, so there are no sharp parts that could harm a little child.

Luisa is also very cute and designed with a young kid in mind. Since this doll comes from HABA, you also know that it is free from any harmful chemicals. In fact, it not only meets but exceeds global safety standards for toys.

The entire doll is machine-washable. Thanks to this feature, even if she gets dirty, it is easy to clean her up and get her looking as good as new.


  • Soft, cute, and cuddly design
  • No removable parts, so there are no choking hazards
  • Perfect size for babies to snuggle with


  • Smaller than expected
  • Pilling of the fabric on the face can occur over time

5. JC Toys La Baby – Best Baby Doll for 1-year-olds

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JC Toys has released its La Baby baby doll, and it is a great option for young children. This doll is available in multiple ethnicities, so it’s easy to choose a baby doll that looks just like its little mommy or daddy. In fact, it has been designed with young children in mind.

This doll has eyes that are fixed and open, and the hair of the doll is sculpted. It also has a washable body, which means that it will look new for many years to come.

Each doll comes with a removable hat and pajamas, and it has a blanket that can be used to cover the baby during nap time.


The La Baby is 11 inches tall, which makes it an ideal-sized doll for young children. Since this doll has removable clothing and accessories, it is a great way to teach kids how to be loving and caring.

Thanks to the realistic features of this doll, it is also a great tool for teaching children what body parts are, and they can point out things like the mouth, eyes, ears, and nose.


  • Available in several ethnicities
  • Totally machine-washable
  • Very high-quality construction
  • Designed to last for many years


  • Has a light, powdery scent that some people won’t like
  • Smaller than stated
  • Looks a bit different from the pictures


These are some of the best baby doll for 1 year olds, and it was certainly difficult to choose the one that was the star of the show. After taking a look at all of these products and examining them fully, we have chosen the very first doll we reviewed, Baby Stella from Manhattan Toys.

There are several reasons why we chose this doll. First, the doll is totally plush from top to bottom, which is important for the safety of the child. Another reason is that it has a lot of available accessories that can be used to make playtime even more enjoyable.

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