Best Baby Dolls of 2022: Complete Reviews with Comparisons

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The cuddly, bright-eyed baby dolls are a staple in households with children across the country. They never go out of style and last for generations because they can be handed down from one child to another!

Baby dolls have been around since time immemorial – long before modern technology allowed us to create virtual babies on a screen. Even now that there’s an abundance of electronic games available, these 35-year old toy favorites still reign supreme as perfect playtime companions for young girls everywhere.

There are all types of different dolls out there—from ones that have the latest technology to those that are simply made of cloth and fluff.

For this reason, it is almost impossible to choose the best baby dolls on the market, but we are definitely going to give it a shot.

We have found some of the best dolls currently available and decided to take a close look at each one. You should keep reading to find out which one might be the best fit for your children.

Best Baby Dolls Reviews

1. Barbie Fairytale Dress Up Doll

No list of the best baby dolls would be complete without having a Barbie on it. No one can deny the magic Barbie has brought to our childhoods. She’s given us hours of fun, and now she’s giving you a chance for more! This Fairytale Dress Up Barbie is perfect for any princess fan girl out there that loves dressing up dolls in sparkly dresses. 

This set includes a Barbie doll with three different costumes: a mermaid, a fairy, and a princess. There are also accents that are inspired by her candy kingdom, and every piece of this set has some type of candy feature, including lollipops and hard candies.

Product Highlights

This Barbie is a gift set, so it comes with more accessories than you might find with a regular Barbie doll. The doll that is included in this set is a typical Barbie doll that stands 11.8 inches tall. She has blonde hair and hands that flare out near the hips.

Each costume has different features. The Princess Barbie, for instance, has a long glittery skirt with matching shoes and a tiara. The fairy costume includes a fairy skirt, shoes, and wings. The mermaid outfit comes with a swimsuit and tail, along with candy-decorated fins.

With this gift set, you can create 18 different outfits by combining the various accessories, so you could have a fairy princess or a mermaid with a tiara. The only limit is your child’s imagination.

What We Like

The best thing about this Barbie doll is the full range of accessories that come with it. You can really create some pretty cool looks with these costumes, and most kids would love to do that.

We also like that this set complements the other Barbie Candy Kingdom dolls, which really helps to boost the imagination of children.

What We Don’t Like

Now, there are some things that we didn’t like about this. First, the shoes that come with this set are almost impossible to put on. As an adult, it can be a struggle, so we’re sure that a child would struggle too.

Also, the mermaid tail and fin are difficult to get on and off too. Hence, you can expect that your child might need a little help with this.


  • Several different outfit choices
  • Kids can play with this for hours and never get bored
  • Accessories are very high-quality
  • Built durably and can stand up to rough child’s play


  • Shoes, fins, and tail are difficult to get on and off
  • Hair has a tendency to fall out with brushing
  • A bit on the expensive side

2. American Girl WellieWishers Emerson Doll – Best Baby Dolls

You can’t go wrong with an American Girl doll, and if you have a younger child who wants one, you might want to consider the WellieWishers.

The number one toy company, American Girl Dolls Inc., released their newest product: “Wellie Wisher” dolls! These are water-loving characters who live in town called Brookfield where they find adventures near or inside every puddle imaginable as well as many other places around the world that you might want your own little adventurer to experience some day soon like New York City, Paris France, Shanghai China and more. 

The dolls from this line are a bit different than the American Girl dolls that you might have or remember.

This doll, Willa, is known for her love of animals. In fact, she comes with an adorable outfit that features a hedgehog right on the front of it. The animal theme can be seen from head to toe—from the cute little bunny ears she wears to the adorable ladybug wellies, which the WellieWishers dolls are known for.

Product Highlights

Willa the WellieWisher stands up to 14.5 inches tall, which is the perfect size for a kid. Willa has gorgeous strawberry blonde hair, which is styled in pigtails, and she has hazel eyes.

This doll’s hair is long, and it can be styled and brushed. Her body is made of vinyl, and she comes with a t-shirt and skirt, headband in the shape of bunny ears, wellie boots, and even underpants.

This is an award-winning product, and it was named one of the Best Toys of 2016. It also won a National Parenting Product Award in 2016. If you are familiar with other American Girl dolls, just know that the WellieWishers are a bit smaller in size.

What We Like

You have to like the fact that this doll has won several awards, and it is definitely a cute doll. Since it’s a bit on the smaller size, it is much easier for a younger girl to carry around compared to one of the original American Girl dolls.

This doll also has hair that can be styled and brushed, which is a plus for many children. Lastly, you can buy optional accessories and outfits, so the fun never has to end.

What We Don’t Like

If there is one thing that stands out about Willa, the WellieWisher, it is that this is an expensive doll. Nevertheless, it does come from American Girl, so you have to expect to pay for that brand.

Unfortunately, the quality of these dolls doesn’t quite hold up to the rather high price. There are claims that the hair has fallen out and that the head tends to pop off at unexpected times.


  • Adorable doll with a very cute outfit
  • Small size that is ideal for younger children
  • Kids absolutely love the WellieWisher line


  • A bit on the expensive side when compared to other dolls
  • Hair reported to fall out with brushing
  • Head pops off randomly during play

3. Melissa and Doug Mine to Love Jenna

Mine to Love Jenna is one of the many options available from Melissa and Doug, which can easily become a favorite of any child. She is an adorable baby doll that is 12 inches in size.

Jenna has soft plastic legs, arms, and face, which are easy to clean. When she lies down, her eyes close, making it look like she is sleeping. Young kids can be the perfect mommy or daddy to Jenna, as she comes with a pacifier, and she has the ability to suck her thumb.

Product Highlights

Melissa and Doug’s products don’t have a lot of bells and whistles, but that’s what makes them so special. Mine to Love Jenna is no exception here. She comes with a gorgeous pink bonnet and romper, and both are removable and washable.

This is a doll that is probably better suited for a younger child, though some older children surely can fall in love with Jenna too. Since you can give Jenna her pacifier or help her suck her thumb, this doll also encourages caring for others.

Mine to Love Jenna has a soft body, which is great to cuddle with. This doll has a faint baby powder scent.

What We Like

If you are looking for a no-nonsense basic baby doll, Mine to Love Jenna is an excellent choice. It has everything you would expect from a great baby doll but with none of the frills.

This is exactly what Melissa and Doug are known for, and we would never expect anything less than great quality from this company’s products. We also like that this doll is washable, as you never know what type of mess your child and their baby doll might get into.

What We Don’t Like

Though we think that this is a pretty great doll, there are some things that stand out that might not make it appropriate for everyone. For example, the doll has a scent of baby powder, but some people find it to be a bit overwhelming.

We also noticed that one of the eyes tends to stick a bit, which gives it a bit of a creepy look.


  • Basic doll that any child can easily fall in love with
  • High-quality design
  • Washable surface
  • Perfect for toddlers and kids


  • Powder smell can be a bit overwhelming
  • Eyes might not open and close as they should
  • Might be too basic a design

4. Baby Alive Potty Dance Baby – Best Baby Dolls

Baby Alive has been around for many years, but this Potty Dance baby is a new version of an old friend. This doll sings and says more than 50 different phrases and songs, and it speaks both English and Spanish.

You can give Baby Alive her bottle, and then she lets you know that she has to use the potty. Your child can place the baby on the potty, give the Baby Alive a sicker for a reward, and even help wash her up with a pretend soap dispenser.

Product Highlights

This Baby Alive doll speaks to her Mommy or Daddy in two different languages, which you can change with just a flip of a switch. She knows several phrases and songs, and she says things like “Time to go potty!” when it’s time to put her on her seat.

This Baby Alive is great when helping to potty train a young child, and she shows the kids that it’s really fun to go in the potty. She does require batteries to dance and sing, but they are included with the purchase.

What We Like

This is a great option for young kids who like to play “mommy” or “daddy,” as you can feed and care for the baby doll like a real baby. It is also great for kids who are learning to use the potty themselves, as they can see and learn more about the process with their doll.

We also really love that this doll speaks both English and Spanish.

What We Don’t Like

This doll is cute and fun, but it is also loud! There is no volume control, so you might be able to hear Baby Alive throughout your home. The batteries also tend to go pretty quickly, and she won’t work without them, so make sure to have enough AA batteries on hand.


  • Fun doll with “real” features
  • Language choice of English or Spanish
  • Helps to teach children about going on the potty


  • Requires four AA batteries
  • No volume control
  • Water can leak if not used correctly

5. JC Toys Berenguer Boutique Baby Doll

If you are looking for a great little baby doll, this soft doll from Berenguer Boutique is a wonderful idea. This doll is the perfect size for kids who love to cuddle, and it helps children learn how to take care of something.

In regard to baby dolls, this one is pretty realistic, and it will certainly bring a smile to the face of your child.

Product Highlights

This baby doll is soft and cuddly, and it comes with several accessories including two outfits, a pacifier, rattle, bottle, shoes, a bowl, and a spoon. All of these allow your child to fully “care” for their baby.

You can choose from a boy or a girl, or you can choose twins, which come with both a boy doll and a girl doll.

What We Like

We love that this doll comes with a lot of accessories. Who wouldn’t love to care for their baby doll with all of these cool things, including two adorable outfits, right?

We also love that this doll feels like it is very high quality. What’s more is that it has very high safety ratings.

What We Don’t Like

If there is one thing that we don’t like about this doll, it is that it is not washable. While you can wipe down the arms, legs, and head, the body is not washable in a washing machine. It also seems as if a child could get these small accessories into their mouth, which could be a choking hazard.


  • Great design
  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Soft and cuddly with many accessories


  • Not washable
  • Comes with small accessories

Buyer’s Guide

Now that you have seen all of the choices we have to go through when looking at the best baby dolls, it is important that you know what to look for as you go and buy the dolls yourself. By taking a look at these factors, you can easily find the perfect doll for your child.

Age Appropriateness

One thing to consider is whether or not the doll is age appropriate. Some dolls, like the Baby Alive Potty Dance doll, might not be as fun for a child who is seven years old as it might be for a three-year-old. On the flip side, a doll like the Barbie Fairytale Dress Up Doll would not be a good choice for a three-year-old because of its small parts, but it would be perfect for a seven-year-old.

Some of the things you should look for when seeking out an age-appropriate doll are the accessories that come with it, what the doll does, and what materials the doll is made of.

In general, plush dolls are more appropriate for younger children and vinyl/plastic dolls are better for older children, although there are always exceptions. In the end, it is still your call.


The size of the doll should also come into play when searching for a doll to buy. For example, the Willa WellieWisher is 14-inches tall, which might be a bit large for a two-year-old. On the other hand, a doll that is only eight inches tall might be a bit tiny for an older child.


What is the doll made of? We have already touched a bit on this in regard to age, but there is more to choosing a doll than that. Kids can be tough on dolls, and thus, these dolls can get dirty.

Some dolls, however, are not washable. There might be part of the doll that can be washed, but if the entire doll can’t be washed, you might not want to buy this particular one for a child who tends to get into messes.

Some dolls can be wiped down, but only those parts that can get wet, such as the arms and legs.


You also might want to check out the dimensions of the doll you are considering. As with size, you want to look at this as some dolls might be too large or too small to be a practical choice for the child in question.


In most cases, the weight of a baby doll won’t matter much, but for children who are quite small, such as a one-year-old or a two-year-old, you might not want to choose a weighted doll. These dolls can be difficult for children to carry around.

Baby Doll FAQs

1. How to make a baby doll?

There are many baby doll designs out there, and you can find some very simple templates online, including a very adorable one from Martha Stewart.

To make this doll, you would need washable fabric, cotton Jersey, a needle and thread, pins, batting, chopsticks, and, of course, yarn for the hair. You can use the template that is available on Martha’s website, and easily cut out the pieces required for the doll. Then, you have to sew all of the pieces together and stuff the body with the batting.

2. What is a reborn Baby Doll?

A reborn doll is a doll that is extremely lifelike and created in that way by an artist. Basically, the artist takes another doll and transforms it into a realistic doll that looks like a real baby. In other words, the artist takes this doll, and it is reborn into something new.

3. How to fix baby doll hair?

The easiest way to tame baby doll hair is to use water and fabric softener. Mix the water and fabric softener together in a 1:1 ratio and allow the doll hair to soak until saturated. Use your fingers to work the mixture into any knots, and then use a brush to comb through any remaining tangles.

Once all of the tangles are out, you should rinse all of the fabric softener out of the hair, and then allow it to air dry. You can also dry the hair with a towel, but don’t use a hairdryer; it can melt the hair.

4. How to take care of a baby doll?

If you want to help your child take care of a baby doll, there are some things that you can do to make the experience easier. First, you want to make sure that there are clothes that the baby doll can wear. Kids love to dress up their dolls.

Next, you also might want to help them find a place for their baby doll to sleep. This way, they can put the doll to bed each night. You can also buy some accessories for the baby doll, such as bottles, rattles, or pacifiers. Some dolls come with these already, but others do not.

Finally, you might want to show your child how to wash their baby doll. Dolls made with vinyl parts are generally washable, so teach your child how to wipe off their baby dolls.

5. What is a baby doll dress?

A baby doll dress is a dress that a doll would wear. Many baby dolls come with their own dresses, but you can also make or buy these dresses online or in stores. It can be a fun activity for older children to learn how to make baby doll dresses too, and it is something that you can do together.

Final Verdict

We have looked at a number of baby dolls in our search to find the best one. After an exhaustive search and research, we have finally settled on one doll—Willa WellieWisher from American Girl.

You really can’t go wrong with this American Girl doll. It has something for both younger and older kids, and though there aren’t any bells and whistles, your child really only needs to use their imagination to have fun with this one.

Willa is definitely adorable, and there are a ton of different accessories that you can buy to enhance the playtime your child has with their doll. The only issue with this doll is the high price, which isn’t affordable for everyone.

If you are budget-minded, we would also like to suggest the Berenguer Boutique baby doll. Since it is available in a boy version, a girl version, or twins, along with a lot of the accessories, it is a wonderful option. Plus, it is about 30 bucks cheaper than the WellieWishers.

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