Best Baby Giggles Dolls 2021

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The best baby giggles dolls for children from birth to three years and older. Did you know babies start to giggle and laugh around three to four months old?

Besides loving the sound of their own voice, babies will get a kick out of the reaction they get when they use it. And it’s good practice for them. Over time, interacting with people like this helps baby develop key social skills.

Hearing a doll, tv character, or caregiver giggling helps baby to signify what the sounds means. The first giggle or laugh is involuntary and generally stimulated out of the excitement of seeing her favorite toy or person.  Once baby learns they can make the sounds they start learning intent and doing it purposefully. 

Below are some great giggling baby dolls broken down by recommended toy age. 

Best Baby Giggles Doll for Birth (0 months) and Older

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BabyFirstTV GaaGaa Giggle Doll – She is a fully plush toy that is 12 inches tall and made with polyester. She is activated with giggles once she’s bounced or moved.  The recommended age for her is birth and older. 

Her character is based off a tv show on BabyFirst TV in which GooGoo and GaaGaa are two 18 month old cute & curious babies, who are best friends and love to laugh!

In each episode, the two friends will encounter a funny shaped friend that will capture their attention, make them laugh and then come to life as a different musical instrument each episode.


Baby Giggles Doll for 12 months and older

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Baby’s First Giggles doll, you squeeze her tummy and she giggles. She’s made with a combination of plastic, polyester and vinyl.  She a little over 13 inches tall and she is machine washable and carries a lifetime guarantee. 

Baby’s First brand is a Goldberger company who are among the oldest American doll company. They have been in the industry for over a 100 years!

Baby Giggles Doll for 24 months and older

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Cabbage Patch Kids Deluxe Babble ‘n Sing Toddler. She is an 11 inch doll with a plastic head and a soft squeezable body. She talks, giggles, babbles, and sings.  She features nine sing-along songs, just give her a hug or squeeze and the fun begins. 

Cabbage Patch Kids were one of the most popular dolls in the 1980’s and has become one of the most long running doll franchise in the USA. 

Most Realistic Baby Giggles Doll of all ages for 24 months and older

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Adora GiggleTime weighted baby doll. She is 15 inches in height and weighs 1 pound. Her body is soft cloth and her head, hands, and feet are made out of vinyl. Her eyes open and close, she is baby powder scented, and machine washable. You simply squeeze her or give her a hug to hear her giggle. 

She comes with the carrier pictured.

She is recommended for children aged 2 years and older. 

Adora brand has been in the toy manufacturing industry for the past 20 years.  They create toys, dolls and play accessories. 

Baby Giggles Doll for 36 months and older

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Baby Alive Step ‘N  Giggle Baby is recommended for the ages of 3 years plus. These dolls have shoes that light up with each step! He also features 25 sounds and phrases including giggles.  He also comes with an English and Spanish mode for talking.  Also, he drinks from the included water bottle and then “pees” in his diaper. 

Baby Alive is baby doll brand that is manufactured by Hasbro.  The alive dolls eat, drinks, wets and sometimes has a moveable mouth. The line has been been on the market since 1973. 

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