The Best Dolls like Barbie 2021

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Everyone has heard of Barbie but what about other dolls like Barbie

When someone thinks of a Barbie they mostly think of her figure, her fashion, her siblings and many her other various attributes. But what if you have all the Barbie’s you want? Or you just want to explore different options! You came to the right place we are diving into the variety of dolls like Barbie!

The Best Dolls Like Barbie

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Also from the makers of Mattel, meet Cave Club! Cave Club is a prehistoric team of brave friends who are way ahead of their time! With this Blazin’ BARBEQUE Experience playset, children can help Emberly doll as well as her pet dog dinosaur Flaire host the first ever BARBEQUE.

A fire pit with a turning spit gets the story started– put a food piece over the flame and twirl to “grill!” Crank up the boombox– flip it around to see the bongo-playing birds– then obtain food preparation with an offering tray, pan and food items, like a shish kabob, bar-b-que item as well as an egg that children can actually “fracture.” 

This doll can not stand alone as pictured. She is recommended for the ages of four years old and up. 

#Dolls like Barbie

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L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G Lights Speedster Fashion Doll. O. M. G!

It’s lights, camera, style as she hits the neon carpet in her boldest and brightest looks. Get ready to glow, cuz when the black lights hit, we’ll reveal outrageous, radiant surprises.

 Unbox L. O. L. Surprise! O. M. G. Lights style doll– Speedster– with 15 surprises. She doesn’t know why anyone would slow down when they should accelerate, and she has sensational features, gorgeous hair, and her own amazing design. She’s the big sis to Drag Racer.

 Slide bundle apart for a surprise expose– Speedster’s image turns from black and white to color. Reveal Speedster, wearing a fierce racing outfit and show stopping shoes. Unbox her amazing garment bag to expose another fashion and open her hat box to discover her accessories. 

Consists of a fashion doll, clothes, shoes, accessories, hat box, black light, hair brush, garment bag, sticker, hanger, doll stand and multiple-use bundle play area. 

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My Little Pony Equestria Girl- Fluttershy . She’s only .5 inches smaller than Barbie and has articulated joints. 

Always kind to animals, Fluttershy is fashionable while caring for her furry friends, too! Inspired by the cartoon, this 11-inch Fluttershy fashion doll is dressed in a flowing, floral dress, complete with a pink belt and knee-high boots to imagine her enjoying nature in style. Includes fashion doll, outfit, pair of shoes, and belt. 

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DC Super Hero Girls – Wonder Woman. She is also only .5 inches shorter than Barbie. And no toy collection can be complete without a superhero in it! 

Courageous, dignified, and honorable -this Wonder Woman doll is ready to save the day in her iconic outfit designed with her signature logo and colors. She makes a powerful fashion statement with her star-spangled skirt, sparkly top, knee-high boots, and shiny armour. Fans will love her Super Hero look with her long, midnight blue hair and strong build.

She can stand alone for powerful posing and action-Packed play. She’s recommended for the ages of 6 and older. 

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Hairdorables Hairmazing Bella Fashion Doll – She is one inch shorter than Barbie at 10.5 inches tall. 

Meet the ALL NEW Hairdorables with even ‘Bigger Hair, Still Don’t Care’ attitude! Not only have they grown up, they’ve glow’d up – the Hairmazing crew is giving you #UltimateSquadGoals with gram-worthy outfits and the most amazing hair ever! Bella is dancing her way into the Spring season with an exciting new style. 

Vogue enough for their own #Hairmazing magazine cover, the Hairdorables besties are striking new poses and their looks are #Hairmazing! Each of the fabulous and fully articulated Hairdorables Hairmazing Fashion Dolls stand 10.5 inches tall and are a must have for any season. 

Open the cover and unbox the season’s hottest accessories to complete Bella’s look. There are six surprises included in four compartments. The box even doubles as a runway for Bella and besties to make their biggest fashion debut in each of their unique styles.

Recommended for ages three years and older. 

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Rainbow High Dolls – This one is the Fashion Studio Collection. 

The Rainbow High Fashion studio comes with a FREE Exclusive doll, Avery Styles. She’s the glam fashion designer that everyone looks up to at school, and she’s fully articulated, so she can strike so many glamorous poses.

 Also includes 2 sparkly, interchangeable wigs – one glittering rainbow wig and one luxe, hot pink wig. Change up Avery’s look by changing her wigs, or style her without a wig, because she’s got a cute pixie cut underneath. She comes with a full rack of rainbow fashions (doll clothes and doll accessories).

 Enjoy endless fashion play with the gorgeous gold fashion rack, high-end, clear shoe cases, hangers for fashions and a rainbow of hairpins for hair styling. Rainbow High Fashion Studio exclusive fashion doll, 2 interchangeable wigs, 5 tops, 2 skirts, 2 dresses, 1 jacket, 1 hoodie, 1 pair of jeans, 4 pairs of shoes, 9 hangers, 5 hairpins, 4 shoe boxes, 1 comb, 1 doll stand and 1 clothing rack. 

She’s recommended for the ages of four years and older. 

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Sanrio Hello Kitty & Friends by My Melody & Style, she is a 10 inch doll, so 1.5 inches smaller than Barbie. 

Hello Kitty doll comes dressed in trendy clothes and accessories like glittery high-top sneakers, a vinyl skirt, and bow headpiece to match her bestie, My Melody! A beloved Sanrio icon, My Melody figure is so adorable and ready for storytelling play.

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