What is the difference between reborn and silicone babies? 2021

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What is the difference between reborn and silicone babies?

What is the difference between reborn and silicone babies? There are many differences you should take into consideration before purchasing your ideal doll. Cost, mobility, durability, maintenance and realistic features should all be considered in advance. The graph below gives you a complete picture of the differences between the reborn and silicone babies and hopefully narrows down your search chooses to find you the ideal baby doll.

Reborn Babies

A reborn baby doll is a doll that is created from a pre-manufactured doll or kit. They are then transformed by an artist to resemble a human baby be to as realistic as possible. To learn more about Reborn Baby Dolls visit: History of Reborn Baby Dolls

Cost– since these dolls are created from kits or an already created doll, they tend to be significantly less expensive 

Mobility- These babies tend to have individual parts that have joints and are separated from their bodies. They tend to be able to sit up and stay sitting up on their own or be otherwise poseable. 

Durability–  Extremely durable, they have the advantage in this category. Since they are made out of synthetic materials they can take more rough handling without damaging the baby. These dolls are recommended to children ages 3 and up by most manufactures. 

Maintenance– Just wipe clean with a damp cloth when dirtied up. 

Realism – Reborn babies tend to be more realistic in the looks department. They are easily painted and customized to an individual. 

Silicone Babies

A silicone baby doll if 100% silicone is typically custom made by each individual creator and is unique to them. These creators make molds themselves of the babies they wish to recreate.

Cost – silicone is typically more costly than vinyl, therefore the prices tend to be higher per doll. 

Mobility – Whereas these babies tend to be one full piece. They are more lifelike, in fact, in most cases you have to support their heads like a real baby. They are extremely flexible but they can not stay in a position and hold it. 

Durability– These dolls are more subject to wear and tear and need to be treated gently. They can tear more easily especially at their joints. These dolls are not recommended for use with children unless specifically advised by each creator. 

Maintenance – These dolls need to be bathed like a real baby regularly. They tend to become sticky over time and will need to be baby powdered weekly to help cut down on stickiness. 

Realism – Silicone babies are more realistic in the feel of the doll. They are softer and more easily cuddled. They also are most realistic in the movement and weight. 

What do Reborn and Silicone Babies have in Common?

Reborn and Silicone baby dolls can be created with a variety of materials in each doll. For instance, the head, hands and feet can be silicone or vinyl or any combination of the two and the body can be cloth! Before purchasing any of these dolls please review the description of the products very carefully. 

Also, read any reviews carefully if possible, unfortunately not all reborn artist work is top notch as no qualifications are needed to be an artist. You can find various breakdown on brands best selling dolls throughout the whole site but be sure to check out How Much are Silicone Baby Dolls? 4 Best Silicone Dolls

Watch an unboxing of a Reborn and Silicone Babies Below! Can you spot the differences?

Reborn Baby Doll

Silicone Baby Doll

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