Glitter Girls 14 Inch Doll Review

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“Bringing to life a world of creativity and fun, the Glitter Girls help children find the sparkle hidden in every day”. Glitter Girls are owned by the Maison Battat Inc. company whose main operations are located in Montreal, Canada. The Maison Battat company also manufactures other doll lines such as Our Generation, Lori, and Baby Sweetheart. They are a family-owned business that was established in 1897 and have been growing steadily over the past 124 years. 

For this review I am focusing solely on the Glitter Girls line of dolls, please read on for my full review. 

What is included with the 14-inch Glitter Girls Doll?

The 14-inch Glitter Girl’s Doll comes with everything you need to get started. You’ll receive a barbie-style plastic body, rounded eyes, and hair that is styled in four different styles ranging from straight or wavy long locks down to short choppy-looking pixie cuts! Includes a 14-inch poseable doll, the complete outfit the doll is wearing, shoes, and a hair accessory. 

With brown eyes, long wavy hair, and a dazzling personality, all you need is Keltie. The 14-inch posable doll wears a glittery power dress with sequin detail on the bodice and a skirt that sparkles with movement. Rinse her hair under the tap to match the color of your own locks or have it stick out for an even bolder look! Complete her style with any one of three starter outfits: striped tank top and jeans, denim shirtdress cinched off at the waist with gold ribbon belt, navy floral print dress from head to toe, pink lace nightgown flowing from its empire bustline—all specific accessories included. 

Physical Characteristics

These dolls are 14 inches in height and weigh about a pound.  They are made from durable plastic that is certified to be BPA-free, phthalate-free, and lead-free. Their hair is made from nylon material, their eyes are fixed open and do not “blink”, their joints are movable but not bendable. 

What are the Glitter Girls Dolls Names?

The glitter girls’ dolls have a variety of names. Some are named after holidays, like Christmas or Halloween; others represent specific somebody’s interests.

Below are some of the current dolls’ names:

Hallie, Floe, Emilia, Eniko, Fifer, Duckie, Eline, Jamie & Jumper, Elula, Keltie, Kelsy, Kani, Jolie, Jana & Cuddles. Tippi, Tavi & Nougat, Tammy, Chrissy, Stivie, Soo Ji, Sashka, Sarinia, Cicely, Poppy, Pixie, Percy, Odessa, Nora, Dayle, Nixie, Nelly, Milla & Milkway, Maren, Malu, Luma, Lara, Lacy, Kika, Kianna. Amy Lu, Astrid, Bluebell, Bobbi, Bria & Bonnie, Brie, Candice, and Charlie. 

How many Glitter Girls doll are there?

Currently, as of January 2022, there are 47 different dolls on the market. 

Pros of the Glitter Girls Dolls

  • Beautiful, soft hair that kids will love to play with
  • All over the plastic body, while not bath able, it’s very easily wiped clean
  • This collection is made up of six dolls, you can easily collect them all.
  • Battat sells their own clothing and accessories to go with the dolls

Cons of the Glitter Girls Dolls

  • Not able to be exposed to water without damaging the doll
  • Can not speak or walk
  • Does not have bendable joints
  • Harder to dress and undress the doll for the younger children

Who are the Glitter Girls Dolls recommended for?

The Glitter Girls Dolls are a fun, female-led way to spark your child’s imagination. These dolls can be played with by children of any age and have been designed by mothers in Canada who wanted an easy option for girls that focused on creativity rather than just being pretty or Citizenship – which means they’re perfect if you’ve got little ladies at home!

Please note these are most recommended for children the age of three years and older.

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Where are they made?

They are made in China and designed/created in the Canada headquarters.

The Glitter Girls by Maison Battat Inc. Dolls are designed in  Quebec, Canada and manufactured in China.  They have a wide variety of colors to choose from- including many bolder tones than what you might find at your local toy store!

Are Glitter Girls and American dolls the same size?

Glitter Girls are Battat’s answer compete with American Girl WellieWishers. Like the WellieWishers, the Glitter Girls are 14-inch, all-vinyl play dolls that come with whimsical mix-and-match clothing. Both dolls have matching torso’s foot mold, these two can easily share clothing and shoes. However, they do have different-sized limbs, such as their arms and leg shapes. 

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