How To Get Permanent Marker Off A Barbie Doll 2022

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If you have a child who enjoys drawing on their Barbie dolls, then this is the post for you. We are going to focus on how to get permanent marker off a Barbie doll and other figurines. There are many things that can be used from rubbing alcohol, dish soap, nail polish remover, and more. The trick is just finding out what works best with your specific situation. Hopefully this article will help you find the right solution so your kids can keep playing and having fun with their toys!

Barbie dolls are one of the most iconic toys in history. They have been loved for generations by young girls and women around the world. However, there will be accidents that happen to our beloved Barbie’s throughout their life span where we need a way to get something off them or fix them up when they’ve fallen victim to some major wear-and-tear like with permanent marker stains on her face from drawing over it too many times while coloring as well as getting dirty from all those hours spent outside playing dress up games!

If you find your doll has suffered an unfortunate mishap such as being marked on by markers, here is how you can take care of this quickly without doing any damage

Supplies You Need to Get Started

You will need something to rub on the marks with. This can be a Q-tip, cotton round or pad, a soft cloth or a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. 

Next you will need a cleaner to use with your cleaning implement of choice. This can be nail polish with acetone, rubbing alcohol, zit cream or a mild soap.

Words of Caution

While these techniques will get rid of the marker, they can likewise get rid of the coloration that is utilized to include details to a doll’s face. If there are other paints/marking on the doll that you don’t get rid of, use the cotton swabs and watch carefully as you are cleaning up to guarantee they are not being rubbed away with the marker.

How to Get Permanent Marker off a Barbie Doll with a Magic Eraser

If you have a magic eraser, start with that first. Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are fantastic for removing all kinds of spots. Simply wet it with water and gently rub along the marked up surface in a small circular motion. 

Watch this process at work with an American Doll Girl below. 

Don’t have a magic eraser? Try removing the permanent marker with rubbing alcohol. 

How to Get Permanent Marker off a Barbie Doll with Rubbing Alcohol

Moisten a Q-tip or cotton ball with rubbing alcohol. Rub the alcohol over the marked surface area. If the doll has other paints and colorings on the surface, use the Q-tip for better precision. 

Be careful to avoid areas of the face like the eyebrows, eyes, and lips. You could potentially rub off the dolls original paint if you are not careful.  

No rubbing alcohol on hand? Try nail polish remover, it has to be the kind with acetone for it to be effective. 

How to Get Permanent Marker off a Barbie Doll with Nail Polish Remover

Tip – This only works on fresh marks! If they are set in stains this may not work well. 

Nail polish remover is another terrific at-home product for removing permanent markers. Again, moisten the cotton ball or swab with the nail polish remover and rub it over the affected area.

When the stain is eliminated, clean over the surface area with soap and water to get rid of any residue from the cleaning products.

How to Get Permanent Marker off a Barbie Doll with Zit Cream

Yep, you read this correctly, zit cream.  Not just any zit cream though, it has to contain at least 10% benzoyl peroxide for it to be effective.

Lightly dab the Barbie’s marks with a Q-tip and let sit. The longer the better but at the least an hour at a time. Then cover the areas in saran wrap and place in a warm area such as direct sunlight or under a lamp. 

Then simply lightly run over the marks again with a damp Q-tip to remove. 

This process can be repeated multiple times until the mark is fully removed. 

Removing Permanent Marker in the Washing Machine

Have none of the above items on hand? You could always try tossing the Barbie in the washing machine! Just run it through a normal cycle, though this may lighten the marker and not completely remove the stain. 

 In the blog post, we talked about how to remove permanent marker from a barbie doll. What is your favorite thing you’ve done with a magic eraser? Have you successfully removed marker off of any other toys before? If so, please share in the comments below!

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