What are Kindi Kid Dolls? – 10 Best Baby Dolls in 2022!

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What are Kindi Kids Dolls?

 Kindi Kids, manufactured by Moose Toys‘ just launched their first dolls into the preschool aisle! The launch was so successful on shelves this summer that is now recognized as the No. 1 baby doll! This made Kindi Kids one of the most coveted and top-selling toys of the 2020 holiday season. What’s so special about these dolls you ask?

For starters, these dolls are very similar to the widely popular LOL Dolls and they even have playsets for them as well. 

Kindi Kids are unique in the preschool doll market because they encourage ‘best friend’ play just as kids are preparing to go to kindergarten. While most other dolls for children this age focus on nurturing, feeding, changing, and all-around caring for the doll, Kindi Kids begins the important process of helping kids get ready to be among other children their age when starting school.

Description and Physical Characteristics 

The dolls are approximately 10 inches tall. They come with a bobblehead feature that moves with the handling of the doll.   The eyes are large, ringed in black mascara or eyeliner, and are plastic with a 3D effect when looking at them. The arms and legs are able to completely rotate at the joints making it easier to change their outfits and play with them. The doll has flat feet and can stand independently on its own once balanced. You can also take off or change their shoes. Each doll comes with two outfits or accessories as described on their boxes. 

Pros of Kindi Kids Dolls

  • They are larger dolls making them easier for little hands to grip and play with.
  • They all come brightly colored to catch the kid’s attention.
  • They have mix and match outfits with tons of additional accessories to purchase for them.

Cons of Kindi Kids Dolls

  • They can not talk
  • It’s not recommended the dolls be submerged in water. The concern of water getting stuck in the head and molding is number 1 with getting them wet.
  • Some reviews have mentioned the dolls are not easily balanced for the younger children playing with them.
  • These dolls are recommended for children ages 36 months to 15 years. It’s important to note these dolls do come with a choking hazard warning for small parts, those with younger children should consider Best Baby Doll for 1-Year-Olds 2020: Complete Reviews with Comparisons

Four Original Kindi Kids Released in 2019

Introducing Marsha Mello Kindi Kid, the cutest little character around! She’s always cheerful and loves nothing more than having a good time. Her favorite thing? Eating cake! And with her “babycino” and cake pop, she can enjoy sweet treats wherever she goes. Just squeeze the “babycino” to see marshmallows appear in the straw, then push the cake pop to Marsha’s mouth to take a bite. Cute, delicious, and fun – that’s our Marsha Mello Kindi Kid!

 Marsha wears marshmallow hair clips in her braided white hair that also has pink, blue, and yellow streaks. Those colors can be found on Marsha’s ribboned dress and shoes.

Donatina loves donuts and her “hole” passion can be seen in the doll’s fashion, from a donut headband in her pink hair to her donut dress and sprinkly shoes. Donatina comes with a bowl of cereal (not quite donuts, but the cereal is an “O” shape) with a spoon. Remove the spoon from the bowl, push it to the doll’s mouth, and watch the cereal disappear. Your little one will love playing with this adorable doll, and they’ll be fascinated by the realistic eating action. The perfect toy for any little foodie, Donatina is sure to be a hit with your child. 

Welcome to Jessicake’s world of deliciousness! This little cupcake is as sweet as can be, and she loves nothing more than baked goods. Her outfit is frosted from head to toe, and she comes with her own sprinkle shaker. The cherry on top? Her cupcake actually disappears when you hold it to her mouth. Sure to be a hit with any little girl who loves sweets, Jessicake is the perfect doll for tea parties, playdates, and more.

Oh my minty goodness! It’s the one and only Peppa-Mint Kindi Kid! This ice cream-loving tot is always cool as a cucumber, even when she’s elbow deep in a pint of mint chocolate chip ice cream (her favorite!). But there’s so much more to this minty deliciousness than meets the eye…

For starters, Peppa-Mint has the most gorgeous green curly hair that looks just like a scoop of mint ice cream – and her matching minty green boots are adorned with melted ice cream cones, of course! Her romper is even designed to look like a waffle cone, and she wears a headband with scoops of mint and strawberry ice cream. So cute!

Kindi Kids YouTube Channel!

Moose Toys has even launched a YouTube channel for the kids to watch with their new products at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe772CZ6SUtz–6EQbSW2wA

The YouTube channel is so popular it’s reached an enormous 82 million views!

Check out why in the first episode below!

Four New Kindi Kid Dolls Released in 2020

These dolls have become so popular quickly, to meet demands the company has released four more versions of the dolls. 

Meet the newest additions to add to your collections:

Summer Peaches

Looking for a cuddly and adorable companion that will make your little one smile? Meet Summer Peaches Kindi Kid! This lovable toy comes to life in your child’s hands, with her big glittery eyes, colorful hair, and adorable head that bobs with every movement.Summer Peaches is the perfect friend for your little one to explore and learn with. She loves to feed her imagination, and with her Peach Smoothie, your child can watch the peach slices and ice cubes magically move inside. She’s also the perfect size for cuddling and carrying around with you on all your adventures!

Doctor Cindy Pops

Introducing Cindy Pops Kindi Kid! This adorable Doc is always on call to help her friends feel better. Dressed in a white lab coat and matching stethoscope, Cindy Pops is ready to take care of business. With her sweet bedside manner and soft lollipop Shopkin, she’s sure to make everyone feel better in no time!


Mystabella is a beautiful little girl who loves dressing up as a Unicorn Princess! With a cute unicorn horn headband and a colorful dress, she loves being artistic! She can hold her paintbrush in her hand. Dip her paintbrush on cold water and brush her canvas on her Shopkins easel and magically see her painting appear.

Rainbow Kate

Introducing Rainbow Kate Kindi Kid, your newest shopping buddy! This delightful toy comes with two exclusive Shopkins and tons of magical features. Watch her cupcake spin around, shake her Slushie to see it sparkle, and “”sip”” from her special cup. With Rainbow Kate by your side, shopping is always fun!

Bella Bow

Bella Bow may be a little quiet, but it’s not because she’s tongue-tied, she just likes to listen! She’s all ears until something catches her eyes! (Which is most of the time!) Bella is a great host and love putting on tea parties with her Shopkins. They’re just “Bow Much Fun!” Dressed in the cutest Party Dress with a big pink satin bow, Bella Bow has bright blue hair with pink highlights that match her pink hair bow!


 Pirouetta was dancing before she could walk! “Practice makes perfect” is this Kindi Kid’s motto and perfection is her goal. But sometimes it gets just “Tutu” much for her Shopkins and they have to remind Pirouetta to take a break with her friends. Dressed in her glittering pretty pink Tutu, it matches hair with pink streaks and the cutest ballet hair bow! 

Welcome to the Wonderful Lil’ World of Kindi Kids Minis! These Kids are still BIG in cuteness but have been made Mini! All your favorite friends that you’ve met in the Rainbow Kindi are here and they’re ready to take you on some wild imaginary adventures! Still full of Bobbly-Wobbly fun, these fab Kindi Kid Minis come to life in the palm of your hand as their little heads move about!

Kindi Kids Minis are four-inch dolls with Kindi features iconic to the brand; a colorful bobblehead, glittery eyes, and poseable bodies, just like the original dolls. These 10 palm-sized Kindi Kids include familiar favorites Donatina and Mystabella, as well as newcomer Berri D’ Lish, plus other new friends. The Kindi Kids minis are small enough for kids to take anywhere or enjoy at home. They can move around on their wheeled Mini Vehicles or on the rabbit-eared Bobble Bus.

Build up their Mini World with new fun accessories and vehicles. These Lil’ Besties can’t wait to get together to bring you into their Mini World. You’ll discover how much fun can fit into the smallest places!

Go On A Bobbly Bus Ride!

Place your Kindi Kids Minis inside the School Bus. Each little doll fits perfectly into its seat. When you Roll the School Bus along the Kindi Kids Minis Bobble about inside! Take your favorite Kindi Kids Minis on a fun field trip or group adventure. Where will you imagine going?

Check out these Kindi Kid Accessories!

Kindi Kids Fun Refrigerator

The Kindi Kids will be queuing up for cutest ice cubes when they find out how much fun it is to dispense them into the cup. My eggs jiggle in their tray, when you twist the fridge magnet! Their jiggle is sure to make the girls giggle! Open My doors to display up to 10 Shopkins on my shelves! I come with 4 exclusive Shopkins to play and display – 2 cute egg Shopkins, 2 ice cube Shopkins and 1 lettuce Hopkin! Place Me on my Super special spot on the Kindi Kids supermarket playset mat! 

Fun Delivery Scooter and 2 Shopkins

I’m a special Puppy Petkin Scooter with the cutest flappy ears! Place one of the Kindi Kids™ on my seat – they can hold on to my handle bars! The delivery compartment on my back is just the right spot to carry Shopkins around! I’m the perfect size for all the Kindi Kids™, so they can ride me around Rainbow Kindi to deliver the Shopkins. Push me along and I’ll come to life, flapping my puppy ears in the breeze!
Included are 2 Exclusive Shopkins: a cute Smoothie Shopkin and a sweet Strawberry Shopkin! Put the Smoothie in the drink holder on my handle bars so the Kindi Kids™ can slurp as they scoot around!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Kindi Kids Shopkins?

Kindi Kids is a spin-off line of Shopkins that was released in August 2019. It features the Shoppies characters as toddlers

What are the Kindi Kids names?

The original four released in 2019 are : Marsha Mello, Donatina, Peppa-Mint, and Jessicake. 

They released four more in 2020 named: Summer Peaches, Rainbow Kate, Mystabella and Doctor Cindy Pops.

Beginning of 2021 two new Kindi Kids were introduced – Pirouetta and Bella Bow

How many different Kindi Kids are there? There are 10 dolls in total as of Jan. 2021

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