Best Life like baby dolls in 2021- Charex Reborns

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Interested in the Charex Realistic Reborn Baby?

Charex brand reborn baby dolls are life like baby dolls and one of the lowest-priced reborn babies I’ve seen on the market today. Charex babies seem to be sold almost exclusively online through third parties e-commerce sites such as or That being said the hobby of creating reborns started in the early 1990s when doll collectors wanted a more life like baby doll. The first reborn ever documented sold was in 2002 on the eBay marketplace. Ever since then the market has expanded with more sculpting artists of all kinds bringing to life their ideal baby. 

 To read the full history of reborn babies on Wikipedia visit: Reborn Baby Dolls

Let’s take a look below at the top 3 bestsellers of Charex Reborn Life Like Baby Dolls.

Charex Reborn Baby Doll Lucy - Life Like Baby Dolls

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The doll named baby Lucy wins the top spot as a best seller. Lucy is approximately 22 inches long and weighs a little more than 3 pounds.

Interestingly enough, this doll is unisex, the doll has a cloth body that is not anatomically correct and has no gender.  She comes clothed in pink items but can be dressed up as a boy if you so choose. 

Lucy’s eyes are fixed and stay open as well as her hands. She does come with hair that is made out of Mohair. She is made out of vinyl and silicone on the head, arms, and legs with a cloth body. Lucy is also poseable.

You can dress Lucy in real baby clothes if you so wish she would fit a preemie, newborn size, or zero to three months. Lucy can also wear real newborn baby diapers. 

Interested in learning more about Lucy? Watch an unboxing of her below with 2 adorable life like baby dolls. 

Charex Reborn Sleeping Baby Doll - Life Like Baby Dolls

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This reborn baby doll has no known name, it’s just referred to as “Sleeping Baby Doll” and  very life like. 

She is 22 inches in length and also weighs a little over three pounds. 

This doll is also unisex like Lucy above. With a soft vinyl head and 3/4 covered arms and legs and a soft cloth body. She can wear newborn or zero to 3 months cloths and newborn baby sized diapers. She is also poseable. 

What’s unique about the sleeping baby? Her eyes stay closed!

Charex Reborn Toddler Girl Doll

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This Charex reborn doll is just referred to as the Toddler Girl Doll.

She is only 18 inches tall and weighs three pounds. She is 4 inches smaller than the two other dolls listed above but is still the same weight. This doll is specifically meant to look older despite being a smaller size. 

She has a vinyl head and 3/4 covered arms and legs and her body is made out of cloth. She is also poseable and able to sit up on her own. 

She best fits in newborn baby sized clothes and diapers. 

What’s unique about her? Her long pigtailed hair! 

Charex Baby Doll Clothes

When looking at the Charex babies I kept seeing in the predictive text for their branding of clothes. I got all excited to see what they had to offer and unfortunately, this seems not to be the case. They do not have their own baby clothing line, if want to buy clothes to fit the baby I would just go buy real baby clothes. Or maybe search online for clothes meant for 18 to 22- inch babies.

If anyone happens to find any comment below and let me know!

Charex Baby Doll Accessories

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Charex Feeding Bottle and Magnetic Pacifier Set. 

Need feeding back ups for your Reborn Life Like Baby Dolls?  They sell this set separately as well! 

This set is magnetic and is meant specifically for use with the 18 inch to 22 inch reborn baby dolls. 

Want more Charex Reborn Babies?

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