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The Paradise Galleries brand is known for its superior lifelike baby dolls that are comparable to living, breathing children. They have been in business since 1991 and have been an industry leader of award-winning dolls.

Paradise Galleries has a large selection of dolls that are all unique and different. They have traditional collectible porcelain, vinyl baby dolls, ball-jointed resin fashion doll bodies with heads from various manufacturers (such as Fairyland), articulated full-size playline sailor set 18″ fashion doll body types in either hard or soft plastic with cute faces similar to Barbie Fashionistas.

Paradise Galleries is an online toy store that specializes in selling the most popular brands at affordable prices. Their wide variety includes both old-fashioned traditional style porcelain to modern-day vinyl toys like Baby Alive Super Snacks Food Cart, Doll Stand & Stroller Set.

Their dolls are so realistic due to the details that go into them, like hand-painted veins and hand-rooted hair. They also work with world-renowned doll artists to continuously offer new dolls for their customers. Paradise Galleries also carries a wide range of ethnicities in their doll lines so you will be sure to find the perfect match. 

Take a look at their Top 3 Bestselling Baby Dolls below!

Paradise Galleries Reborn Baby Doll - Tall Dreams

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This lifelike baby doll is 19 inches in length and weighs 2.6 pounds. Her head and 3/4 of her limbs are made out of vinyl. The rest of her body is made out of cloth and that’s where she is also weighted. Her eyes are fixed open and her hands are fixed closed. 

Clothing and Diaper sizes – recommended preemie and newborn sizes. 

Age Recommended – for ages three and up. 

She is not bath able, does not make any sounds Including breathing) and cannot go the bathroom. 

Watch an unboxing video of Tall Dreams below!

Paradise Galleries Reborn Baby Doll - Finn & Sparky - Lifelike baby dolls

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Finn is a 17-inch boy lifelike baby doll weighing in at just 1.63 pounds with brown eyes and brown hair. His head and 1/4 of his limbs are made out of vinyl. The rest of Finn’s body is made out of cloth and slightly weighted. He is poseable and can sit up with support. 

Clothing and Diaper sized – fits newborns and size 0. 

Age recommended – for ages three and up

He is not bath able, does not make any sounds, and cannot go to the bathroom. 

Paradise Galleries Newborn Reborn Baby Doll - Wishes and Dreams - Lifelike Baby Dolls

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This lifelike baby doll is 21 inches and length and weighs a little more than three pounds. She has light brown straight faux mohair that is glued on and her eyes are set shut as if sleeping.  She’s made with her head and 3/4 of her arms and legs with vinyl. Her body is made out of cloth. 

Clothing and Diaper size – Newborn sizes best fit her

Recommended Age – for ages 14 and older 

She is not bath able, does not make any sounds Including breathing) and cannot go the bathroom. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Paradise Galleries dolls made?  The headquarters of Paradise Galleries, a leading purveyor of dolls and dollhouses worldwide, is located in California. While Paradise Galleries headquarters are located in California and their products are created there, their products are also mass-produced in warehouses in other counties. 

Are Paradise Galleries doll Reborns?  Some of them are, they have a reborn doll section on their website, but not all of their dolls are. They make most of the dolls themselves.

What are Paradise Points? If you create an account on their website you can join their rewards program. You earn points every time you make a purchase and then you can redeem those points for discounts. 

What is the most realistic or lifelike doll? Depends on what you are looking for, the dolls made out of vinyl look the most realistic. The dolls made out of silicone feel and act the most realistic. For more information on the differences between the two check out What is the difference between reborn and silicone babies? 2021

Why are silicone babies so expensive? Mostly the cost of the silicone and time involved in creating them for more information go to How Much are Silicone Baby Dolls? 4 Best Silicone Dolls

Interested in more of Paradise Galleries Dolls?

The dolls at Paradise Galleries are expensive and of good quality. They have many different styles from modern to classics, such as their $500 replica Audrey Hepburn doll that comes with a dress she wore in Breakfast At Tiffany’s. 

Or the antique Queen Victoria-style 18″ Character Doll for only $49.99, which is well worth it because these lovely collectibles come with beautiful porcelain faces hand-painted by skilled artisans using time-honored techniques handed down through generations. Along with real human hair wigs framed by French mohair locks crafted into stunning hairstyles accentuated by glittering rhinestones and pearls adding glamour worthy of royalty!

You can find their amazon homepage here:

Or you can go directly to Paradise Galleries website at:

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