Wee Baby Stella Peach Baby Doll Review 2022

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Wow, babies sure grow fast, don’t they? It seems like only yesterday you were reaching out to hold your beloved little one for the very first time, nestling them to sleep in your arms and smiling down at the newest addition to your family.

You packed up your things and brought that beautiful bouncing baby home with you. After weeks of sleepless nights, you’ve finally settled into a food and sleep routine. Life has started calming down again.

The respite was brief, though. Now, your little one wants to be by your side always. Little feet toddle and wobble after you, following your every move. You hold your breath, hoping that your child defies the odds as they slowly approach the Terrible Twos.

As your child transitions from baby to toddler, they are able to handle more advanced toys.

You want something that is safe for them to play with because they are still very young, but you also want to start teaching them fine motor skills and personal values like kindness and patience. What toys are great for this age range? We’ve got just the right answer.


Wee Baby Stella Peach Baby Doll

Enter Wee Baby Stella. The Manhattan Toy Company has been in business for decades, so you know that they are dependable. They strive to create high-quality toys that are completely safe for babies and toddlers.

One of the pinnacles of their company is the Wee Baby Stella line. The Wee Baby Stella family offers a range of quality cloth baby dolls for curious children who want to play and learn but haven’t quite graduated from a stuffed animal to plastic parts yet.

The Baby Stella line comes with dolls in a variety of colors as well as boy and girl options with different features. Today, we are reviewing the Wee Baby Stella Peach model.

The Wee Baby Stella Peach Doll is the perfect doll for your little girl. She will love playing with this baby and taking care of it just like her own child! This adorable 5-inch Pink Perfection has a soft body, cheeks that let you change color to match different outfits, even an interactive pacifier so she can drink from any bottle or cup easily at home or on the go! The only thing better than one new friend might be two; don’t forget about our other dolls including best friends Jenna Rose & Hazel Grace too.

Wee Baby Stella Peach Doll: What’s not to LOVE?

Who Is This Product For?

This product is built so that children as young as 12 months old can play. Parents who have babies slowly transitioning from infants to toddlers who now walk, talk, and mimic will love this product.

Most children love soft things. Often, they have a favorite blanket or toy. Stuffed animals are among the familiar favorites because of how soft and snuggly they are. For children who want a turn at playing mommy, this is a great gift.

Baby Stella Peach will quickly become your little one’s favorite toy that can be kept with them all the way from their toddler through their preschool years.

What’s Included?

The Baby Stella Peach box includes the baby Stella doll, a removable dress and bloomers, and a pacifier. Make sure that an adult opens the package because small parts and tags are used to secure the doll into the box.

Watch a baby Stella Doll Review below. 


Overview of the Features

Baby Stella Peach has some fantastic features. She’s about 15 inches tall, so she’s a great height for cuddles and will nestle securely into a toddler’s arms. She is made using ultra-soft fabric and features really great details.

Baby Stella Peach has specially embroidered fingers and toes for a more lifelike appearance. She also has an embroidered belly button with a plump, plushy tummy. A white diaper has been stitched into the main body of the doll. In addition, it comes with a magnetic pacifier as well.

Her hair is pretty cute, too. She has a few tufts of fleece hair with a little pink hairbow sticking straight up from the top of her head. Her face uses heavy-duty threading to embroider eyebrows, eyelashes, and adorable sparkling eyes. She has a small, rounded nose and an irresistibly cute smile. Her facial expression is seriously amazing.

Baby Stella Peach also has a removable outfit. A little set of white bloomers features a pink flower design, which can be removed for playing pretend with diaper changes. The dress is pink and white with horizontal stripes, and it has short sleeves with a V neck and a collar hem.

How to Use

This doll was designed to be extremely easy to use. Once she has been removed from the box, your child can just pick her up and let their imagination take flight. Cuddle her, rock her, and carry her everywhere. Put her to sleep for a nap or drag her by one arm.

If your toddler enjoys rocking and soothing their baby doll just like mommy soothes them, then this is a really nice feature. They can put the pacifier against the doll’s mouth, and magnets will hold it into place to make it look like Baby Stella is sucking on her very own pacifier.

We urge some caution with the use of this feature, though. While it has been specially designed with small children’s safety in mind, this is still a somewhat small removable piece from the doll and can be a choking hazard.

Baby Stella was constructed with very durable material and seam-work because we know that infants and toddlers can be very rough on their toys. Her cloth material also allows for easy washing and care for when playtime literally drags her through the mud!



Wee Baby Stella Accessories


Sweet Dreams Bassinet

This Manhattan Toy Stella Collection Soft Fabric Baby Doll Bassinet and Carrier for 12″ to 15″ Baby Dolls is perfect for taking your favorite little one with you wherever you go. The soft, quilted fabric carrier has a comfortable strap and secures easily to most adult belts. The removable bassinet insert converts the carrier into a soft, cozy bed for your baby doll.

The Delightful Diaper Bag Set

The Manhattan Toy Wee Baby Stella Collection 11-Piece Baby Doll Diaper Bag Changing Mat Combo Set is the perfect gift for any young mommy. This set includes a pretend diaper bag, bottle, pacifier, wipes case, and five other pieces that help make changing your baby soft doll’s diaper a breeze. The soft, colorful fabrics and playful designs will keep your child entertained for hours on end. 

Wee Baby Stella Stroller

Wee Baby Stella is the perfect stroller toy for your little one’s favorite soft dolls. This adorable toy features a sturdy frame and realistic design that will make your child feel like they’re pushing their baby doll around in a real stroller. The removable canopy provides protection from the sun or inclement weather, while the fabric seat and padded handle add comfort and style. Whether your child is taking their doll for a stroll around the block or just playing pretend at home, Wee Baby Stella is sure to be a hit!




If your child isn’t fond of the Peach model, then perhaps she can find what’s she’s looking for in the other dolls from Baby Stella family. One such alternative is the Manhattan Toy Snuggle Baby Doll and Hooded Bear Sleep Sack.

This toy set comes with a soft baby doll that is designed with embroidered features. What’s more, it includes a bear-themed, soft and cuddly sleep sack from which your child can tuck the baby doll in. This sleep sack is equipped with a Velcro closure.

Measuring in at 10 inches tall, the Manhattan Toy Snuggle Baby Doll and Hooded Bear Sleep Sack is perfect for babies as young as six months old. It can also be a thoughtful baby shower gift that can make any to-be mom happy.


We think Baby Stella Peach is a fantastic toy for your children. She is completely safe for your 12-month-old to use and her expression is priceless.

The Baby Stella Peach box is the perfect way to spoil your little one with a beautiful doll and all of her accessories! The baby Stella doll has big, hazel eyes that make you want to hug them tight. You can dress up this sweetie in a removable lace gown or bloomers outfit also included in the kit. She comes complete with an adorable pacifier which will keep her happy during playtime for hours on end!

With this baby doll, you can teach your child fine motor skills as they dress and undress their little baby while still allowing them the comfort and familiarity of playing with a stuffed toy. The Baby Stella line also offers a wide range of accessories that can enhance playtime as your child grows older.

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