My Life Dolls Review 2022

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My Life As dolls first appeared in 2012 when Madame Alexander presented a brand-new 18″ play doll collection which featured dolls in various careers who were offered for sale solely by Walmart. The line included various figures who could be found working as nurses, preschool teachers, or even astronauts among other things.

The My Life As collection (popularly known as “My Life Dolls”) is about dolls going about their lives with a hobby or career.  There are numerous themes such as My Life as a Gymnast, My Life as a Hairstylist, and My Life as an Equestrian, a Supporter, a Schoolgirl, a Ballerina, an Outdoorsy Girl, a Snow Boarder, a Princess, a Coastline Traveler, a Yoga Trainer, a Cowgirl, a Nature Woman, a Soccer Captain, and also lots of others.

However, in 2014 Madame Alexander bowed out of the My Life As business and CitiToy took control of production, introducing some new styles as well as careers. CitiToy essentially kept the exact same body design and themes while also adding to the existing line and stopping production on the less popular dolls. 

CitiToys is an innovative toy company that was established in 1933 by Charles BL Bank. They specialize exclusively in children’s education and playtime activities, with a focus on developing creative minds through science-based learning experiences powered by math & English lessons for kids as well as other essential skills such as art or music among many others!

Characteristics of My Life Dolls

My Life Dolls are the ideal companion for any child. They come in different heights, from 18 inches all the way down to 12 centimeters tall! Their faces have delicately feathered brows and natural face paint. Some dolls have natural-looking qualities such as freckles, which the Alexander dolls universally didn’t. They have long curling eyelashes and detailed, colored, open/close eyes in brown, green, or blue. Their eyes open and close or “blink”.

CitiToy also resolved previously existing issues such as bald patches in the doll’s rooted hair, so they could have more versatile hairstyles. Their hair can be curly, wavy, or straight; long or medium length. It can be pale or medium blonde, ginger/red or auburn, or light, medium, or dark brown.

They have vinyl chest plates and cloth midsections similar to other 18 inches in the market. Their heads only turn side-to-side and their arms and legs are bendable. Their vinyl skin comes in light, medium, or medium-dark. The dolls are grouped as Caucasian, Hispanic, African American,  or Asian but some look ethnically generic enough to be of mixed or custom backgrounds.

Pros of My Life Dolls

  • They can fit the standard 18-inch doll clothes such as American Girl Dolls
  • They are poseable and can stand up on their own
  • They are some of the least expensive of the 18-inch doll lines!

Cons of My Life Dolls

  • The mobility of the doll has been reported as possibly being harder for smaller hands to maneuver around. 
  • There are only two boy dolls in the whole line
  • Some of the dolls come without underwear if that’s important to you

A Few Examples of My Life Dolls on Amazon

My Life Doll - Hello Kitty

The My Life As 18” Poseable Hello Kitty Doll is perfect for anyone that is a fan or collector of Hello Kitty! This fully poseable doll has a soft torso, beautiful eyes that open and close, and long brunette hair that is fun to brush and style. This doll features an adorable pink, red, and white Hello Kitty-themed pajama set, slippers with Hello Kitty’s face on them, and black glasses with a cute red bow on one corner. 

This doll also comes with one Hello Kitty pillow, one red toothbrush, one tube of toothpaste, one realistic-looking pencil, one diary with lined pages, one bottle of real pink nail polish, and one Hello Kitty lamp that actually lights up! As part of the full collection of My Life As dolls, the My Life As 18″ Poseable Hello Kitty Doll provides hours of playtime.

JoJo SIWA 18″ Doll My Life Microphone Headphones Jacket Shirt 2019.  JoJo SIWA’s doll comes dressed in a pink iridescent jacket, blue and pink sequin skirt with a white tee. Her microphone is complete the look of this outfit to make sure that she can sing along while playing her favorite games or taking care of other little things around your home!

Accessories include a JoJo hair bow, pink & white sneakers, a microphone, headphones, and a JoJo Siwa music notebook.

My Life Doll - Sleepover Host

My Life As Sleepover Host is a beautiful 18″ poseable doll. She has brown skin, brown eyes, and long brown hair that can be brushed and styled. She is dressed in colorful pink and mint green pajamas and has a darling sleep mask to keep out the light. She always looks forward to spending quality time with her friends and building friendships that will last a lifetime.

Facts and Questions - My Life As Dolls

Are My Life Dolls waterproof or can they go in the water?

No, it’s not recommended these dolls go in the bathtub or water. They are made out of vinyl and too much water will damage them. They are surface wipeable only.  They also feature soft squishy middles that could get moldy if gotten wet. 

Are My Life Dolls Poseable?

Yes, they are poseable. Their joints are tight enough to maintain a pose once placed in a position. 

Where are My Life Dolls Made?

They are manufactured and made in factories around China. 

How much are My Life As Dolls?

They range from the $20’s all the way up to $100, depending on the rarity and scarcity of the doll mold. 

My Life As Dolls vs American Girl

My Life As girl dolls are very comparable to American Girl dolls in size. They can share most shoes and clothing with no issue though they may be a bit smaller in the hips. Some of them may be slightly taller and their heads are larger and rounder, while their arms, hands, and legs are slightly thinner. Their feet are comparable. They may not stand as reliably or bend at the joints as easily. 

Can My Life Dolls sit down?

Yes, but people have mentioned their hip joints are a little tight so it makes it difficult to position them sitting and stay. 

Do My Life Dolls have names?

No, they are not named. They are just titled their theme, such as My Life As… a unicorn, etc. 

My Life As Dolls Website

I could not find an official My Life Dolls Website or a CitiToys website. I did however come across the Hong Kong City Toys Factory Limited Trademarks page which lists CitiToys and many other companies under its umbrella. 

Along these lines, it does not have a contact for customer service to reach. You most likely would have to reach out to the store you purchased any items from if you have any issues with the products.

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