Our Generation Dolls Review 2021

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With our heads in the blue sky and our feet planted firmly on the ground, we’re changing the world without ever forgetting to be kids.

Our Generation

Our Generation Dolls Review is going to be an overview of the pros and cons of My Generation Dolls. These dolls were almost exclusively sold at Target stores but can now be found online at many merchant stores. 

They are owned by the Battat corporation that also makes similar dolls named Glitter Girls and a smaller doll brand named Lori among many others. They are a family owned business established in 1897, their headquarters are located in Montreal, Canada and their dolls and other products are made in China. 

Physical Characteristics of Our Generation Dolls

These dolls are 18 inches in height and roughly 2 pounds in weight.  Our Generation dolls, clothes and accessories are compatible with most 18” (48cm) dolls of other brands. 

Most of the dolls are poseable, their joints move and rotate but only bend slightly at their elbows and knees. They can sit down but their legs stay straight out from the doll. Their other dolls are considered non poseable which means they have hip and shoulder joints but do not bend at the knees or elbows and tend to be slightly harder limbs.

They are made out of vinyl for the face, arms and legs but have soft cuddly bodies. They are not machine washable, only spot clean with lukewarm soap water and let air dry. 

Pros of the Our Generation Dolls

  • Lots of variety and diversity in the doll line itself
  • They encourage interest in different hobbies, careers and interests in kids!
  • Huge array of accessories to go with the dolls
  • Affordable prices for the dolls and competitive in the 18 inch doll market

Cons of the Our Generation Dolls

  • Their hair isn’t the most luxurious of materials, customers have complained of the dolls hair becoming a rat’s nest they aren’t able to untangle after a few months of play. 
  • Complaints have been made regarding their customer service when contacted about unsatisfactory products
  • Some of the clothes have rubbed their dyes off on the dolls skin causing discoloration, choose clothing colors wisely

Popular Our Generation Dolls

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Our Generation Dolls – Vienna is very active in her community. She is a true advocate and believes that a healthy and save community is based around empowerment and play, a place where collective voices create the narrative of their generation. She is one smart girl and one day wishes she will be able to inspire other girls to do the same in their communities.

Vienna always looks the part. She dresses in a sophisticated yet fun way. She always wears something that expresses herself and her personality. Like she is an advocate for community empowerment she is also an advocate of expressing yourself in any way you want! And for her she expresses a lot of herself through the way she presents herself.

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Our Generation Dolls – Paloma is living her dream of being a veterinarian at the Healthy Paws Vet Clinic and helping to make all kinds of animals feel better. Helping pets in need is a pleasure indeed! Tails will wag, birds will chirp, and cats will meow with happiness with Generation Regular 18 inch Professional Vet Doll – Paloma is a beautiful doll with shoulder-length, curly brown hair and warm brown eyes.

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Our Generation Dolls- Valencia

One day Valencia wishes to be the best ballerina! Her passion in life is to dance. She loves how it makes her feel and how she can close her eyes and feel as if she’s floating across the dance floor. 

Her graceful moves will leave you wanting to see more as she can really capture emotion in her dance moves. All Our Generation Girls have their own story. Get to know Valencia through her dance. You’ll quickly notice that there is a lot to know about her.

Valencia loves to wear pastel colors in her clothes. She loves wearing tulle skirts, tights and of course her ballerina slippers. But she also loves to dress comfortable too!

Valencia comes with the most adorable dance outfit. She comes with 1 over-sized pink bow for her hair, 1 pink ballet dress with the most whimsical tulle skirt, 1 white faux fur cape, 1 pair of tights and 1 pair of ballet flats

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Facts and Questions

What age are our generation dolls for?

They are recommended for three years of age and older during to a small parts choking hazard. 

Are Our Generation Dolls made by American Girl?

No, Our Generation Dolls are owned by Battat corporation and American Girl Dolls are owned by Mattel. 

Can Our Generation Dolls go in the bath or water?

No, they are damaged by at lot of water and they have cloth bodies. They do not even recommend machine washing them. 

How many Our Generation Dolls are there?

As of February 2021 they have 109 of them for sale. 

How to brush Our Generation Dolls hair?

Battat site recommends using a wire brush to regularly brush out their hair.  When you brush her hairbrush it in small sections to make sure all those knots and tangles come out! Don’t use any heat or styling products when you’re styling your Our Generation Dolls hair, as this will damage it!

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