2022 Realistic Baby Dolls – Exclusive Ashton-Drake Dolls

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Realistic Baby Dolls – Ashton-Drake

Since ancient times, dolls have been used as playthings, companions, and objects of veneration. In recent years, the doll industry has seen a resurgence of interest in realistic baby dolls. Ashton-Drake is a leading company in this field, and their dolls are prized by both collectors and those who simply enjoy playing with them. The company was established in 1985, and its dolls set the highest standards in the industry. These realistic baby dolls are perfect for people of all ages who appreciate the charm and beauty of these lifelike creations. Whatever your reason for enjoying them, Ashton-Drake’s realistic baby dolls are sure to please.

As the doll darlings, that is the reason they affectionately handcraft each doll utilizing excellent materials like vinyl, porcelain, and bona fide silicone. Also, with hand-established hair and hand-painted subtleties that bring them to life. The dolls are expertly customized, specially crafted costuming utilizing the best texture and trims makes them put their best self forward.

The Most Popular Realistic Boy Doll – Benjamin

Realistic baby doll

Ashton-Drake’s Benjamin Baby Doll is the perfect way to experience the joy of caring for a little one. This amazingly realistic baby doll is weighted and measures 17” long, making him feel like a real baby in your arms. From his shy brown eyes to his hand-rooted blonde hair, Benjamin is sure to charm everyone who meets him. Plus, he even smells like a real baby!

The baby arrives in a  blue striped onesie showcasing a monkey on the upper right-hand shoulder. He is a posable doll, he has one hand open and one hand closed, his head does not move.

He is the brother doll to Little Peanut ( featured below).  The manufacturer recommends this doll for ages fourteen years and older.

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Watch an unboxing of Benjamin below:

Little Peanut – The Most Realistic Girl Baby Doll

Little Peanut is an amazingly lifelike baby doll, from her bright blue eyes and little peanut nose to her tiny fingers and toes. Little peanut is 17 inches in length, weighted, and fully poseable.  She is also made with irresistibly soft vinyl skin, a cuddly cloth body, hand-painted features, and hand-rooted hair. She also has the soft scent of baby powder-like her brother Benjamin. Little peanut is not recommended for children under the age of six.

And guess who else finds Little Peanut irresistible? The parade of appliqué baby elephants marching across the front of her one-piece outfit. The perfect reflection of Little Peanut’s precious personality, she comes with a knit cap with a satin bow.


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About the Designer – Tasha Edenholm – Realistic Baby Dolls

Tasha Edenholm was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest around Settle, WA.  She was fascinated by dolls at a very young age and her grandmother’s European doll collections were her first inspirations. Her greatest love is sculpting with polymer clay and her very first two creations were picked up by the Ashton-Drake line.

Best Realistic African American Doll

Influenced by the victor of Ashton-Drake’s third yearly Baby Photo Contest, meet the Alanna Baby Doll by Master Doll Artist Ping Lau. Alanna grabbed the attention of thousands who saw a photo of her in The Ashton-Drake Galleries’ third yearly Baby Photo Contest. With in excess of 2,000 ballots, her image, presented by her proud grandma, was the fan’s top pick!

Working from the challenge photo, Ms. Lau fastidiously caught Alanna’s sweetheart highlights and her bubbly character to make a similar child doll ensuring to win the love of any individual who holds her!

Alanna is handmade of RealTouch vinyl with hand-applied lashes and is hand-painted to improve her realism, from the delicate becoming flush of her cheeks to her soft forehead and rosebud lips. She is weighted and poseable and is 18 inches in length. She’s perfectly crafted to feel so wonderful in your arms and wears an enchanting gingham romper to coordinate the flower organza headband in her delicate, wavy hair.

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Meet Alanna in the video below!

About the Designer – Ping Lau – Realistic Baby Dolls

Expert Doll Artist Ping Lau is the planner and creator behind a few Honor-winning collectible dolls only accessible from The Ashton-Drake Galleries. Brought and instructed up in Singapore, Lau now lives in the Washington, D.C. zone.
A deep-rooted painter and artist, Lau started sculpting dolls in 1989. She was constantly captivated by dolls and was inspired in the wake of associating with different craftsmen who regarded dolls as an artistic expression. In her endeavors to precisely reproduce the human structure in three measurements, Lau started trying different things with an assortment of materials. With each shape, Lau catches the upbeat soul of youngsters through incredibly expressive highlights and fastidious meticulousness.

Lau said that her objective is consistently to make a doll that delights grown-ups and youngsters the same.


Most Realistic Kid Friendly Baby Doll 

So Truly Mine Ashton Drake


One glance into a sweet infant’s adoring eyes, and it’s instant affection! Let your loved one experience friendship for the most realistic baby doll on the planet: the So Truly Mine® Baby Doll, only from The Ashton-Drake Galleries. Uniquely made for youngsters ages 3 and up, the So Truly Mine® Baby Doll: Brown Hair, Blue Eyes, Light Skin by Master Doll Artist Linda Murray is painstakingly planned with a large number of similar traits as our very high-quality collectible dolls and makes certain to motivate long periods of entertainment for your love ones!

Showcasing a sweet 15-inch size with the development ideal for little youngsters, this sensible toy infant doll is carefully assembled of delicate vinyl and is poseable and weighted to feel so uniquely genuine in your everyone’s arms. From his earthy colored hair and eyebrows to the delicate becoming flush of his rotund cheeks, this stunning So Truly Mine® infant doll is hand-painted to improve his realistic features.

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Watch the girl version unboxing below!

About the Designer – Artist Linda Murray – Realistic Baby Dolls

Creating dolls began as a pastime, turned into enthusiasm, and afterward a full-time vocation. She began sculpting in clay, numerous years back, to make molds for my handmade cloth dolls. These were her obsession for a long time until the doll world altered course and the need to shape in polymer clay got self-evident.

Her initial foray into polymer clay sculpting was of her twin sister as a little baby, however tragically she had not prepared the clay correctly and the head tumbled off in the middle of the evening and rolled across the floor!

She burned through two strong years working on her craft in this altogether different medium and didn’t begin selling her work until she believed she had accomplished an authenticity she was happy with.

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