Inexpensive Realistic Twin Baby Dolls for 2021!

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Whether it’s twins like Mary-Kate and Ashley or those adorable kids down the block in their matching outfits and their double stroller, twins turn heads. 

What’s better than twins? Realistic twin baby dolls of course!

 Doctors and scientists have been studying twins for centuries. Psychologists have been at them for years. Hollywood loves them. Everyone who has ever had to do a double-take to tell one from another understands that, without a doubt, twins are cool.

Top 6 Realistic Twin Baby Dolls

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TERABITHIA 16 inches Lifelike Reborn Realistic Twin Baby Dolls.

These adorable and practical reborn dolls are made of premium silicone and a stuffed  cotton body for a  comfy touch. The cloth doll bodies cannot be safely bathed without the potential of damaging the dolls. 

Each baby is 16 inches( 40cm) and weigh about two pounds each. 

Their hair is high-quality  and hand-rooted which can be can washed and dressed up.

Their eyes are made with acrylic, one babies eyes stay open and the other others stay closed. They do not blink

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Anano 18 Inch Caucasian Realistic Twin Baby Dolls. They feature acrylic brown eyes which do not blink and stay open. 

Their eyebrows are completely hand-drawn  and need to be treated with caution as they can be damaged or wiped off.  Their lips are a warm and humid, which help them look natural and soft.

The skin of the dolls  have lots of time  invested to  baby’s  make it look more realistic with a multi-layer production process.

Totally hand-drawn nails with a hint of redness in the nail bed and translucent nails, and even some nails life milky a half of moon shape.

These reborn dolls have a weighted soft cotton body ideal for cuddles. Soft silicone vinyl heads and 3/4 limbs, and the soft cotton jointed bodies which them sit and lay down easily. 

Cannot be safely washed.

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Kaydora Reborn Realistic Twin Baby Dolls, Silicone Full Body Twins. 

These twin’s doll comes from “Kaydora Newborn Series”, they are designed by artist Michelle Henley, as Michelle discovered that larger dolls are often too heavy for kids 2-6 year old’s to carry. She then developed the 10 inches newborn doll, these dolls fit perfectly in children’s arms.

The doll is full body vinyl silicone and are anatomically correct.

One twin eyes stay open and the other twins eyes stay closed. They do not blink. 

The doll’s clothes are removable and washable, if the clothes get dirty, you can remove the clothing and toss them into the washing machine. 

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TERABITHIA Mini 10″ Realistic Reborn Twin Baby Dolls. 

These twins are the “mini” version of the full sized dolls shown above, made by Terabithia. 

The are 10 inches in size and weigh less than a pound a piece. 

They are made with a full body of vinyl and have no hair.  They are anatomically correct dolls, one boy and one girl. 

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Paradise Galleries Twin Baby Dolls. These small realistic dolls are all wrapped up in their swaddles and all set to be invited house into your caring arms.

This brother and sister pair have the most pretty features with their rosy cheeks, hand-painted pink lips, and sapphire-blue eyes that will make your heart burst with love when they look up at you!

They are 12″ from head to toe, and are created by artist Mayra Garza with SoftTouch vinyl. They are made in a light skin tone with hand-painted strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes

Dolls weighs 0.93 pounds each.

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Anano 23 Inch Reborn Baby Twins Boy and Girl.

These reborn twins dolls are approximately  23 inches/55 cm from head to toe, and weigh  3.9 pounds per doll. 

They are full body silicone Reborn dolls who have gender qualities which means they are anatomically correct.

They can be safely bathed in water.

They are perfectly formed with realistic bodies and the little arms and the legs which are all movable.

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