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Who makes Adora Dolls? Adora is a division of Charisma Brands, LLC.  Charisma Brands is located in Laguna Hills, California. They are the designer and  manufacturer of award-winning dolls, plush toys, play accessories, and fashion jewelry.  

They are also the company who manufacturers the brands of Paradise Galleries, Teddy needs a bath, and baby diego. 

Charisma Brands, LLC got it’s start catering to collectors — especially the ones who collected porcelain dolls that bear Marie Osmond’s name and sometimes her face. The Marie Osmond Collection also includes collectible dolls, figurines, and storybooks.

Adora grows with your child!  Unlike other doll lines, Adora has a doll for whatever stage your child is in.  They have dolls for babies, toddlers, young girls, older girls, and collectible dolls for adults

Adora Dolls Award Winning History

Adora has been recognized by many toy industry award organizations with high praise for their toys.  To name a few awards won: 10 Best Toys by Dr. Toys, Fun Stuff by Parents Choice Award, Seal of Approval by The National Parenting Center, Top Holiday Toys by The Toy Insider and many more. 

Adora's Doll Lines

They currently sell the following doll lines:

Sweet Babies  The perfect petite baby dolls for little ones to hold, they are cute mini babies that are 11 inches head to toe. They feature soft bodies and vinyl head, arms and legs. 100% machine washable with a powder fresh scent. 

Adoption Babies These babies each come with adoption certificate, pacifier, hospital bracelet, disposable diaper, blanket and come with a crib!

ToddlerTime Babies ToddlerTime baby dolls are 20 inches from head to toe and made from their patented vinyl, which is gentle, soft and feels like a real baby.  These babies are for children six years and older.

PlayTime Babies The PlayTime babies can suck their thumb and open and close their eyes. They are small and weigh less than a pound, and have soft bean bag filled bottom which helps them stay sitting up. 

SplashTime Babies Adora’s SplashTime babies and baby tots are ready to swim, from the bath to the pool these cuties are ready to go. They are also 100% machine washable to keep them clean and pretty. 

Cuddle & Coo Babies The Cuddle & Coo babies have 5 interactive features. Squeeze her hand and she will cry but pat her head and she will coo with joy.  Tickle her tummy and she giggles. Give her a kiss and she kisses back! Give her head another pat and she says “Momma”. 

BathTime Babies  Adora BathTime babies are ready to take a bath! They come with a quick drying body and colorful removable animal themed stretch terry bathrobe. 

Wrapped in Love Wrapped in love babies are Adora’s interactive voice recording dolls. They have a recording mechanism that records, plays and repeats messages. Your little ones will be entertained by listening and recognizing their own and others voices playing back to them. 

Mermaid Dolls There are 3 Mermaid dolls in Adora’s mermaid line. They are Coral, Aqua and Ariel. They are plush water babies whose tail turns colors when activated by water. 

Baby Tots  These babies are the miniature version of the BathTime babies dolls. They are 8.5 inches in height and also come with their own animal terry cloth towel for bath time fun. 

Amazing Girls This is Adora’s signature 18 inch doll line, similar to American Girl dolls, they even fit their clothing!

Be Bright Dolls  These dolls are 14 inches and their hair changes color when in direct sunlight. 

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