Cry Babies Dressy Review 2021

Cry Babies Dressy

It’s the time of year when we are all trying to get our kids back into school mode. I’ve been spending lots of time in my local Target store looking for toys that will help my son prepare for September. One toy that caught my eye was a set of IMC Toys Cry Babies Dressy! […]

Disney Princess My Friend Doll 2021

Disney Princess My Friend Doll

Disney Princess My Friend Doll, this post is covering an oldie but still going strong Disney doll line. Disney came out with the My Friend Doll line in July of 2009! This doll line is produced by Mattel (same manufacturer as Barbie) which have been steadily adding to the growing collection over the years. These […]

Fail Fix Dolls 2021!

Fail Fix Dolls

Fail fix dolls are created by the toy manufacturer Moose toys in 2020. Moose toys is most widely known for the their Kindi Kids dolls that exploded into popularity in 2019. Fail Fix dolls are aimed at little bit older demographic than the Kindi Kids doll line, they are recommended for children ages 6 – […]

Litti Pritti Baby Doll Review 2021

Litti Pritti Baby Doll

The Litti Pritti baby doll line is currently trademarked and manufactured by Amusty, Inc. which was established in 2017. The most commonly known of the Litti Pritti trademark are baby dolls, baby doll accessories, children’s cosmetics and are currently for sale with Walmart, Amazon and Ebay. Pros of the Litti Pritti Baby Dolls The painted […]

Baby Dolls You Can Feed in 2021

Baby dolls you can feed

Dolls and figures give children a way to act out the scenes he or she sees in everyday life. They can bathe, change, feed, and cuddle their baby doll mimicking the way they are nurtured. This is why adult and child both love baby dolls you can feed to play with over just cloth or […]

Cabbage Patch Cuties Review 2021

cabbage patch cuties

Cabbage Patch Kids are a line of one-of-a-kind, cloth dolls with plastic heads first produced by Coleco Industries in 1982. The original Cabbage Patch Kids stood between 16 ” – 18″ inches tall in height while the newest release of their doll line Cabbage Patch Cuties are only 9″ to 11″ inches in height. Making […]

Rainbow High Cheer Dolls Review 2021

Rainbow High Cheer Dolls

MGA Entertainment has released a new line of colorful dolls called Rainbow High that are themed around an elite high school for visual arts. The Dolls themselves represent the colors of the rainbow and were made in collaboration with their popular Poopsie Slime Surprise brand. There is no denying these unique toys will be hot […]

I’m A Girly Doll 2021

I'm a girly doll

I’M A GIRLY, a new line of collectible style dolls focused on empowering girls and kids to play creatively and assist with helping them to find their own style has released in the U.S. following its extraordinary success in Europe and in Canada. Consumers will find 3 collections offered, including a selection of 18-inch I’M […]

Little Darlings Dolls Review 2021

Little Darlings Dolls Review

Little Darlings Dolls are newer on the scene than some of the other competing larger doll manufacturers. The brand Little Darlings is owned by New Adventures, LLC.  Siblings Beth & Joseph Reiling started New Adventures in 2001. In the beginning, their main focus was to work with key retail partners to design doll and plush […]

Disney Descendants Dolls Review 2021

Disney Descendants Dolls Review

The Descendants franchise consists of three Disney channel movies featuring  the lives of the teenage children of four Disney-villains on the Isle of the Lost, and their move to Auradon at the request of the teenage son of Queen Belle and King Beast. The first film was released as a Disney Channel Original Movie in […]